What do you feel is the quietest time to go to WDW

I just got back from a most excellent trip, and I was so sad about leaving at the end, darling husband told me I should book another trip. In fact he is trying to find ways for me to go a lot more. What a keeper I know.

Anyway, trying to figure out when to set the next trip, and plan a bit more. I would like to go when it is quiet. Kids are not a concern, they have no interest and are old enough to leave them to themselves, 16 & 18.

I was thinking September, what are your thoughts?


I would say the first week in September as long as the heat won’t deter you because it will still be really hot then. Otherwise maybe the first week in December if you want to see the holiday decorations.

That’s wonderful @Jedilogray! I think September might still be a bit hot, but I’m a wimp when it comes to heat.

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January has been the quietest month in my experience. Downside is there may a lot of refurbs going on, but definately the lowest crowds. Mid Nov and last March were also pretty nice.

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Love the end of August/beginning of September… ITs hot but we have never had crowd problems… Everyone is going back to school :wink: also enjoyed the end of jan but ran into a few tour groups that ruined a quiet evening sleep at POR :slight_smile: glad you had a nice trip!!!

I find 4 am to be fairly quiet


LMAO!! Very funny.

I am planning a trip for the end of January and have been pleasantly surprised at how many dining reservations are still available!! I’m hoping that this means that the end of January will be less busy in the parks. It seems like the times that used to be quieter are not any longer.

Last week in Jan (2012) was quite possibly my best trip ever. I don’t think I waited more than 20 min for anything, and only used 4 FP (the old kind) in 5 1/2 days in the parks.

January 2011 (the last week) was like a ghost town. Only 1 day was busy, and that’s because it was a Sunday, we got to the parks at like 11am and spent a long time shopping and buying mouse ears for the kids instead of trying to ride anything. Rest of the week we hit RD and never really waited at all. Was a bit chilly some days, but overall great weather and the least crowded of all our trips. Enjoy!