What do you do on Departure Day?

My FPP day is coming up so I’ve started reviewing my plans and making changes.

I’m guessing DME is going to pick me up at 2pm. The night before is a late one with MVMCP, so I won’t want to be getting up early, and I’ll have to pack and leave my bags with bell services before heading off out for some fun.

My current plan seems nice but maybe underambitious — a late breakfast at 1900PF (one of my favourite places to eat at WDW) followed by exploring all the Christmas delights at GF and (I hope) having a sneak peak inside the Enchanted Rose.

Which means no park action. I hate not using my FPP allowance, but I’m not sure how I can fit anything in without being in a mad rush.

How do you schedule your last day?

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We take advantage of the late flights heading west, so we do use our FPs. But since we stay at EPCOT area resorts it’s not too stressful to walk over, do the FPs, have a leisurely ADR somewhere in WS, hang around a little bit and then head to the airport around 3 or 4.

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What time is breakfast? Maybe have do a FP or two before at MK? Maybe schedule some after breakfast and if you get to them great, if not, no sweat.

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We considered TL, but it only opens an hour before checkout and we wanted to be able to shower etc afterwards, so instead we are doing a quick tour of things we want to re-ride or missed…plus Tonga Toast:

Capt. Cook’s breakfast 10AM
AK 12.45PM: FoP (FPP)
2.25PM pickup at PCR

Yeah…that’s a mad rush isn’t it? :joy:

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Last year we had an early departure and did nothing. This year we have a late flight - like, 9pm - so we’re planning to go to Hollywood Studios with a break for brunch at either Topolino’s Terrace or Trattorio Al Forno.


Also, which resort are you leaving from? Something at MK before or after breakfast would be good (People Mover, always).

If you are epcot area, I’d probably take the monorail back and walk through epcot and find something to do there.

(I resisted my deepest urges to tell you that on departure day I depart - well crap, I guess I did after all :grin:)

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We do a park from around 10-2. No ADRs and we don’t get picked up till 4ish.


I was trying to resist that too, but now you did it, so now I have to as well… we depart also- driving. 10 hours and it would be too depressing to have to stop somewhere. :slight_smile:

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Short answer is “I leave”. I have a 7-8 hour drive ahead of me and I just want to get on the road. Not crazy early, but b 9:00 or so… When Cindy comes with me, we typically stop at DS before we hit the road.

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I try not to have a reservation that is time sensitive in the morning. Our WAT (yes, that’s an acceptable acronym so hush child) was at 0800 on checkout day and it did make that morning a little bit hairy. From that time forward I realized that we want a slow-ish morning.

Prefer breakfast at resort, whether TS or QS, after we have mostly packed up but have not checked out yet.

After breakfast, return to room and collect bags, turn in to airline and leave carry on with bell services.

Head to park.

Return about 1 hour before DME. Get another snack, use the restroom, buy anyting in store we hadn’t yet, and collect carryons.

Weep silently


on my last day, i requested late checkout, which offered flexibility in the morning to sleep in a bit, help my mom get to dme, finish packing, and check bags at the resort. staying at pofq, i took a quiet, lovely boat ride to disney springs for lunch and a stop at the disney store for a last-minute, hard-to-find item. i was back on the boat to pofq and on dme to the airport by the afternoon.

it wasn’t as exciting as a trip to one of the parks or other resorts but it was something that i wouldn’t have wanted to spend doing on a non-travel day.

WAT? What is that?

Shut up, Faceless.


I’m actually serious (and tired). No joke intended.

Is this a trap?

Wild Africa Trek

I was admonished severely for using an unsanctioned abbreviation. Don’t you start up now too


This is what I was thinking - “I depart.”
I’m usually done done done by the time it’s time to head home and an early start to get there is music to my ears.

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I could not for the life of me figure that out.

At least you didn’t precede it with “the”. Your acronym really would have been a problem.


So: New plan.

Take an Uber from Pop (where I’m staying) to GF. Leave my bags at GF (rather than Pop, to which I will not therefore need to return). Enjoy decorations, have breakfast at 1900PF. Monorail to MK. Two hours at MK, to include two or three FPPs and parade. Boat back to GF. Uber to airport.

This will cost me in terms of the Ubers, but I have no other daytime MK scheduled for this trip. DME leaves far too early.

Have run this plan by two Liner friends, both of whom bizarrely said they didn’t think it was worth the extra cost.


Would it make more sense to just Uber back to Pop and ride DME? Not sure how long you need at MCO…

That was the original plan but that rules out MK altogether. DME leaves four hours before the flight departure time.