What do you do if magic bands don't work?


We have DDP and are planning to use our Magic bands to pay for everything (more or less) using our credits. What happens if we turn up to a restaurant and for some reason they don't work? I just saw a post on another thread about a F&W booth not being able to accept Magic band payments. I was planning on using some of our snack credits for some of the food. Is there a workaround for CMs or would we just be out of luck? We don't really want to have to spend money if we could use our credits. I guess this is a newbie nervous question, but I know you guys can reassure me. Thanks


I can't really answer your question but I can say I haven't seen many reports of this type of issue. If their MB reader is down I'm not sure that much can be done until they get it working again. If it's just your MB that for some reason isn't working guest services should be able to fix it.


I've had this happen to me on four occasions. Once, it was a food cart that couldn't accept the MBs at the moment -- for that, I just paid cash for my snack. The other three times, my MB worked, but at check in the front desk had left the charging limit at $0. I now always insist that they check that, and sometimes I STILL have to go back and have it changed.

For these reasons, I always have some cash and one credit card in my bag.

If you have a ticket card, you might carry that too just in case. But with APs being all online now, I only have the parking / discount card to show.


I've never personally had this issue, but I would NEVER tour without a "back-up" CC and some cash in my wallet - especially for something like F&W...


I would always carry ID and one credit card. Wven if they can sort out a MB problem, having a back-up form of payment will streamline everything.


The thing is, in the scenario raised here having a backup payment method really is beside the point. If I am on the DDP, I don't want to pay OOP for a meal that should be covered by credits. Presumably, they will be able to look you up by name somehow - does anyone have experience with that?


And for us, even if they say we'll be refunded, because we're from the UK we'll lose out on the exchange rate too if we pay on a credit card. I'm just hoping/guessing that it doesn't happen too often or we don't hear about it as there is another way to access the account. I can live in hope...


One thing to note is that for your ID's, bring your passports and not just driver's licenses. During F&G DBF and I almost got refused a drink at the UK kiosk because we had our Canadian driver's licenses with us to keep our passports locked in the safe in the room. The guy really didn't want to accept our DL's, but after some cajoling, he relented.


I don't hear about it happening often but I also think if it is down it's down. There isn't a manual way that I've ever heard of. You'd just have to skip that booth.


Knowing that it doesn't happen that often, I'm sure we'll be fine. Thanks everyone


Note that not all foods are on the dining plan. Perhaps that's where the issues were stemming from that you heard about. Snacks and food on the dining plan will be marked with the DDP symbol. If it's not marked, you won't be able to use your credits and you'll have to use cash or charge it using your bands.

Hope that helps!! Have fun!


If you are in a theme park and the MB system goes down there is no list to look you up on so they can give you the food without paying. There is no way for them to call and look in a computer. You will need to have a back up form of payment or not eat. So, if it happens make sure you keep all of your receipts, go to the concierge when you get time, and have them give you back the money by using your credits.

If the MB system is up and they say you don't have credits to use then the manager of the food place can make a call to the hotel and get things straightened out for you... they don't like to do it as I have witnessed, and the CMS will try to tell you that you have to pay cash/credit now and sort it out later, but if you know you have credits or have a functioning credit card attached to your account then make a stink and get treated right. Don't wait!

Sorry if the conversion rate makes you lose something. Disney computer systems go down at very annoying times.