What do +-mean exactly on TP How We Did Yesterday

Dogslider posted this question before with no answers and I have been wondering the same thing. If TP says they were +5 minutes predicting the wait time, does that mean the attraction wait was +5 minutes more than the average you predicted, or does it mean, you overestimated the amount of wait time by 5 minutes average?

I believe that means TP was over. Let me find the blog post about it.

Actually I was wrong. It means they estimated 5 mins less than it was. So if they estimated a 5 minute wait and “how they did” was +5, it means the wait was 10 mins.

If you click on each attraction, a line graph will show up and you can discern it from that. Here is one example:


I’m just going to piggy back off of that question. I used to see every week a summary of what TP predicted and then what the actual numbers were. This was an overall view of each park. I apologize if I missed something where this was discontinued or done another way but I really found these helpful and now I can’t seem to locate them anymore.

It has been answered before. I tagged Len and he explained it. I don’t actually know how to link another thread, but I’m trying because Len had some interesting stuff to say. Hope it works!

They’re still there. Let me look for a link.

Is this what you’re after?
I think I’ve seen it in another format but can’t find it on my phone.

That’s what I was thinking of exactly! Thanks for sharing!

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AH that’s exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! I thought it would be weird that they would be gone.

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Thank you! Knowing this makes a big difference!

Just for clarification I want to make sure I understand this! I am glad I don’t appear to be the only one overthinking all things Disney! If Tp was +3 on an attraction they predicted a wait time of 15 minutes, the actual wait time was more like 12 minutes. But if the were -3 on an attraction they predicted a 15 minute wait time, the actual wait time was more like 18 minutes. Do I finally understand this??!!

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I think it’s the other way around. If they predicted 15 and were +3, the wait would have been 18 minutes.

Len’s post above said if it’s -3 they estimated 3 minutes short of what it actually turned out to be. So if they predicted 15 and were -3 then it was 18. This also coincides with the graph I linked to above where you can see what they posted and what it turned out to be along with the measures

This is correct as per the post by Len linked above.