What do I need to know to evaluate a DVC Resale?

Not in the least. But I made the decision after a lot of research and consideration. Years worth. And I waited until we didn’t need to finance

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Yes, that’s true.

Some resorts, like Boardwalk, only have “lock-off” 2-beds. Those are a 1-bed with a connecting door to a studio. Therefore once the studios are gone, so are the 2-beds.

Since all resorts have at least some “lock-off” 2-beds, those will also go early.

Other advice:

Unless you can book at 11 months, don’t bank on getting certain types of room:
AKV values
Boardwalk standard
Bay Lake standard

So make sure you have enough points to book the higher points cost rooms.

Buy where you’d be happy to stay. Switching at 7 months can be done, but if you plan to go between September and mid January, that is “Fall Frenzy” for DVC and by 7 months there will be very little left other than a day or two here and there. This year, even OKW and Saratoga were hard to get at 7 months.

And booking at certain resorts during Fall Frenzy can be hard even at 11 months on the dot. CCV is worst because those cabins have so many points sold against them, but very few owners have enough points to stay there. Poly has so many studios it’s less affected.

Another thing, if he owns at the Poly, remember it only has studios.

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There’s a bit you missed.

If you buy resale at one of the original 14 (“legacy 14”) resorts, you can use those points at any other legacy 14 resort.

If you buy resale at Riviera you can only use those points at Riviera.


Another thing that came up.

If you have two resorts then you have two contracts. You can transfer points between the two, but transferred points keep their home resort advantage.

So transferring Poly points to a CCV contract would not allow you to book a bigger room for longer at CCV at the 11 month window. You could only use them at the 7month window, which you could do anyway leaving them where they were.

But you can bank and borrow to achieve the same thing. Use 2 or 3 years worth of points to book a room at CCV one year, and then use 2 or 3 years worth of points to book several studios at the Poly the following year.


I thought I covered that. In my brane I did anyway

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I read it as if you buy resale you can only use them at that resort.

Ah, re-read it. You meant New Resort points bought resale can only be used at that one? I thought it meant New Points bought resale, new as in since Jan 2019.

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I knew you would be able to explain the transferring points! I must say I am a little nervous that some resale owners have been really looking at those contracts and I don’t think there is any confidence that further restrictions cannot be applied in the future that will retro change the rules?


Do you know how many points it is? Will it be enough for your family?

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Just the new resort(s)

I probably wasn’t clear. I was falling asleep typing. LOL


The only things that can’t be changed is what’s written into the POS.

For example, the home resort advantage is guaranteed to be “at least one month” over non home resort points. That could allow them to alter the 11 and 7 month windows. However I believe they could also set a different home resort advantage for resale buyers.

And thus far they have always grandfathered in benefits for existing resale buyers. There is nothing to say they have to in the future.

All that said, I think they would be wary, especially after “pointsgate”.


Yes, I do think a home booking rule may be in the resale future. I also would not be shocked if they retro it. They have to do something for the new resorts to be more attractive.

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Yes, and what they have done to Riviera (and presumably others going forward) with the use of points on resale has not made it attractive in the least.

Also, the points on those tower rooms?? IMO they are off their rockers.


For the new resorts, I think they may eventually allow those resale points to be used at the legacy 14 - for a fee. Much like the current fee for using points at non-DVC resorts (which is sometimes waived). Either a one-off fee, an annual one or at the point of booking.

But I also think they are concerned with the 7month availability issues. And maybe even the 11 month issue, which you know all about. :frowning_face: They’ve allowed too many small add-on contracts, which means some people are buying in with just 50 points, or less. :open_mouth:


My husband is supposed to be getting that information from his uncle. He has 4 kids though, so I am assuming it’s a bigger contract. But you know what they say about assuming…

What is that?

Is this not a good idea? I was thinking it might be a good idea to buy a small amount direct with Disney in order to have any current or future direct member benefits.

You now need 75 direct with Disney to get the blue card.

But some owners can add on as few as 25 points in some cases, and those can end up on the resale market. Even with banking and borrowing, those don’t go far. And it means they can only get studios.


they changed the points charts and increased studios and 1-beds. Some thought it was against the rules, or at least the spirit of the rules, to do it the way they did, and started complaining bitterly.

DVC backed down and reverted the chart to the same as 2019. But come 2021 I expect we’ll see something similar, albeit less drastic.


Is that what you meant by Pointgate about 2020 points?

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Yes, many people where told when they bought direct that although seasons could adjust, for any increase in a category- there would be a decrease at another time for that category. It was always in the same room type. Disney tried to increase studios and 1 bedrooms and decrease 2 bedrooms and larger in most cases. It caused a big uproar since it also increase the amount of overall point potentially at a resort. They pulled it back- for now.

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