What do I need to know about cBR

I will be accompanying 20 field hockey players to Disney at the end of August. What do I need to know about CBR? I have never stayed there.


It's very large, and lush. Full beds, not queens like the other Moderates. Multiple bus stops versus a single stop like the Deluxes and Values. Central food court is a long way from some of the villages (5-10) minute walk max). Has a great central pool thats pirate themed and each village has a local quiet pool. Other than that, not much. I love CBR.


Thanks @MrTomMorrow, I can't wait to try out a new resort!

But I think they are mid-swing through changing the entire resort to queen beds? It' simply beautiful. If you have kids ages 5 - 11 sign them up for priates adventure; excellent CM lead pirate quest for treasure. Great food. Honestly we don't notice the size. I think the people who are most sensitive are the "stroller transition" age. Meaning a stroller is needed at the end of a long day, and legs aren't quite sturdy enough to motor on


@magicMN Thanks, they are high school kids, so I hope they don't need strollers.

Well I'm 45 and some nights I wish I had one wink


I hear ya!

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@MagicMN might need one after drinking everything on Aug 2nd


That's exactly the reason I have DS10. Give him $100 in cash and tell him "make sure mommy makes it home tonight" wink


All of Jamaica will be finished with room refurbs by then with queen beds and some rooms also with the fold down murphy bed like the AB rooms at POR.

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One word: BIG. I am not used to having a 10-plus minute walk between the room and the lobby/busses/food/pool. They have an internal bus system, but my experiences with it were not great (lots of waiting). On the plus side, it's beautiful, relaxing, and does create an "island" experience. For 1 or 2 nights I might consider it, but never again for a whole vacation.

Thanks @bswan26. Not looking forward to long walks.

I'm trying to decide between POP or CBR. I have both booked but can't decide which one to keep. Its during free dining and its about 275.00 difference. I got a preferred room in both. Which one should I keep ?

I'm thinking about staying here when I take my sister my sister in January. I've never stayed there so I wanted to try it.

It is my favourite resort. Love the theme, landscaping, I find the large layout makes it a quiet and relaxing resort. The refurb is great because the rooms were getting worn out looking. I hesitate to brag it up too much lest everyone fall in love with it. Hehe.

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I found this review today by allears writer Jack Spence. It has good descriptions of the food available at the food court.



Thanks for the link @bwalker75!

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I LOVE POP. Stayed there for the first time on my last trip and it is now my new "go-to" resort for "non-deluxe" trips...


Anybody know the status of refurb at CBR?