What did you wear at the California Grill?

I’ve made a reservation for CG, which has a dress code.

What did you wear when you dined there?

I wore jeans and a collard shirt.

It was terribly hot that evening and I was sure that shorts weren’t allowed, but I asked our server about that and shorts and collared shirt seemed to be okay as well.

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Polo shirt and either khakis or khaki shorts, depending on the weather. Pretty much my standard for all signature dining (except V&A, where I wear a suit).

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I wore a polo dress and DH wore a short-sleeved, button down, collared shirt with dressier khaki shorts. We went in June.

My DH and DS wore polo shirts and shorts at the Yachtsman. The dress code is really just no offensive T shirts, pretty much anything else you’ll get away with and there will be a range of clothing from very casual to very smart.

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The simplest thing for me to do – bearing in mind I’m coming from the UK and am planning only to take cabin baggage – is to wear a plain t-shirt with fairly smart shorts (and sneakers). I won’t look scruffy.

I could take a dress shirt (in the US sense) I suppose if people are shocked by my t-shirt plan!

That sounds fine.

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