What did I pay for room?

I can’t remember how much I paid for our Room. I don’t see the price on any of our receipts or MDE. I think they purposefully wAt you to forget, lol. Without searching through my cc charge, is there anywhere I can see this info? You should see my 2 pages of notes. Conparing different resorts with different pricing rack rate, David’s, DVC, a guy I know who has points, with different dates. I can’t tell what’s what.

You should have a confirmation email from Disney if you booked directly with them. The email will tell you the rate for each day of your stay as well as payment information for your deposit.

Yes, I should, I just can’t find it for some reason. I’m sure it’s in there somewhere. I’ll keep looking. With that said, do you remember that website where you can plug in the places you’ll be eating and it calculates if the dining plan is beneficial for you? I know I have that somewhere too, it I’m losing my mind tiday.

If you use any sort of searchable email client, then the email should have the subject line of “Walt Disney World Vacation Confirmation”. Search on that.

Otherwise, I am sure you can call and give them your confirmation number and they can probably re-send the email

Ah, I was searching WDW, duh. Got it that. And found the Dining calculator. When I was searching on this site, and new one was coming up, but I’m a creature of habit and looking fir the older one. Disney Dining calculator. Thank you!