What day for Epcot?

We’re looking to get to Epcot at 10am. Based on that park, with that arrival time, would you rather:

Go Thursday, a 4 crowd level day, where the park opens at 8am; or
Go Friday, a 5 crowd level day, where the park opens at 9am.

So in other words, the conundrum is do we go for the smaller crowd but where the park has had a whole extra hour to fill, or take the busier day but with a smaller gap between RD and our arrival.

Thanks to all of you, and no thanks to Disney for changing their EMH schedule!

With a good, optimized TP there is generally little difference in overall wait time between a CL4 and CL5 day, so I would go for the CL5 day because there will hopefully be less of a build-up by the time you arrive.

Or, you could take a more scientific approach and optimize your TP for both days (being sure to let it know that you will be arriving at 10:00) and see which day works out better for you.


I agree. Not much difference between a 4 and a 5 day, but a big difference in 1 vs 2 hours worth of people who got there earlier than you.

Have to agree with the others; not a lot of difference between CL 4 and 5, and I’d rather only have 1 hour’s worth of people ahead of my than 2.