What dates will be harder to book at the Poly? Nov 2022

Oh I honestly forgot about this! I very luckily squeaked in and was very lucky that they considered half of 25 to be 13! One of the reasons that we even went with BLT was because it’s ultimately cheaper for us to do fewer, longer trips so I wanted to “use” more points believe it or not. I think I borrowed like 48% of my bigger contract.

It is boring now! I thought about trying to shift the mix to 5 days BWV and 4 days BLT but it didn’t seem worth it. I’m instead focusing in on the tetris that is trying to do Epcot/DHS while we are at the Boardwalk and MK while we are at BLT. It’s also pure freaking luck that I’m at BWV on the Epcot late night and BLT on the MK late night!

There is no Tetris here. It’s easy and obvious.

Oh that is lucky indeed! We are at Riv on EP’s late night so that works and I’m not sure we are doing MK at all.

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You tell these faces that they can’t go to MK until day 5 of their trip!

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Ohhhhhhhhh now I see the issue.

I had it in my head this was just you and DH again :slight_smile:

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Oh my gosh I cannot even fathom the decadence of 8 nights with no children! Or the cost… MVMCP, Tomahawk steak for two, 3-4 laps around F&W, Cirque… cannot imagine. DS6 already knows that I have been TWICE without him in the last 6 months.