What dates will be harder to book at the Poly? Nov 2022

We are targeting 9 nights next November. I am leaning towards November 11-20. I’m leaning towards either the whole stay at BWV or 4 nights BWV split with 5 nights at the Poly. I can only book the 4 nights at BWV at 11 months. Which weekend do you think will be harder to book at 7 months, Veteran’s Day weekend or the weekend before Thanksgiving?

DVC help is listing both sets of dates at the Poly as “yellow” and both sets at BWV at “red” so I am really torn over which might be harder to book! Thanks!!

Can you book two reservations at BWV, one for 4nts and one for 5nts and then modify at 7 mos to whichever you can get?

Generally I don’t think Poly is all that hard to get at 7mos because it’s all studios except for the bungalows. But if you did it this way you’d have the full 9 at BWV if you needed it, and have the option for either end at poly too.


No, I wish I could do the whole 9 nights at BWV but I only have 25 points. And even as of today I can only get the 4 nights because I’m told that Disney rounds the borrowing restriction in my favor.

Oh my.

Well that’s a quandary isn’t it?

When do you get more points so as to book the rest?

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Well I have plenty of SSR points so I just need to book the second half at 7 months. So do I book BWV for the first weekend or the second weekend is the question. And then try for either BWV/Poly at 7 months.

My fall back will be a 1-bedroom at SSR for the other 5 days so it will be fine, but I will see what I can get at 7 months!

Ah now I follow.

Does this make any sense at all?: Book the second half at BWV now because the first half will open a few days earlier at 7 months than the second half will, and those days might make a difference?

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Ok, I’m trying to follow. Are you suggesting that if I watch and Nov 11-16 gets booked at the Poly then I could switch the BWV dates and still be over 7 months?

I’m thinking that if you book the furthest dates out, the earlier dates will meet 7 mos sooner than those later dates.

Your 11mos mark for 11/11-15 will be on 12/11 (give or take a day, but just for simplicity); the 7mos corresponding date will be 3/11
Your 11mos mark for 11/15-20 will be on 12/11; your 7 mos corresponding date will be 3/15

I’m thinking that if you have the latter half booked at BWV, you’ll be able to try to secure the front half a few days sooner (at either BWV or Poly, using your SSR points - if I’m understanding that piece right) and that those few days might make a difference in finding availability, especially at BWV. You could then secure BWV for the front half and have the whole stay booked there if it were available, and try for Poly for the back half (or vice versa depending on your preference).

Does that make sense at all?


Ok, I think that I get your point! Also I think regardless it makes more sense to do BWV for that second half because it’s a couple fewer points and that way I don’t have to worry about if half of 25 is 12 or 13! And not to mention that of course 12/11 is my “sleep in” day of my adults only WDW trip!

So I will book 11/16-11/20 on December 16th and then obsess over availability until March 11! I was thinking about trying to walk BWV but we’ll see how far I’m willing to go.

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The 11 month and 7 month dates are actual months not days.

11 months before the 11th Nov is 11th Dec. And 7 months before 11th Nov is 11th April.

Yeah I was just using a date as an illustration to help get my point across.

The second example had two different “days” for the 11 & 7 month mark…

It confused me and I couldn’t work out what it was trying to show.

If she books the full stay.

I think I made a typo as I was working it out. I was trying to show that the 7 mos mark for the 11th is before the 7mos mark for the 15th

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Ok, so I logged in at 7:30 and the 16th was available. But then by 7:45 it wasn’t?? How does that happen? Walking? But you can’t walk before 8am either, can you? Ugh. I am hopeful on the waitlist at least.

I don’t know the answer to this.


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Ok, wait for it…

This works just as well for me!!

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Ok so I’m updating here because I’m always curious how others fare at 7 months. I believe that I could have gotten the Poly Standard and definitely Lake view no problem.

I think I might have even been able to cobble together something at the Boardwalk, likely a 1-bedroom but it’s beyond frustrating that the 1-bedroom would be a “downgrade” from our studio with the pull down bed.

So my DH who rarely has an opinion voiced an opinion that I should try for BLT. Generally this would have been low on my list but we did one night last year and it really grew on us. So we booked a 1-bedroom lake view at BLT! I watched it for like a week before I could book and really thought hard about trying to walk it because I was worried about the weekend before Thanksgiving. But no problem at 8am!


I have noticed that availability does seem to be increasing. Which is great news as it means we will get closer to eliminating that 50% borrow rule

This looks like a great trip!

But I was telling someone yesterday - it’s almost a little boring when you don’t have any work to do, isn’t it? I secured the missing room for my BWV stay in the middle of my trip via waitlist - it came through while I was in flight on 4/22 - and now that we are all set for the whole stay (and the two BWV ressies have even been merged) I’m a little bored LOL

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