What crazy nonsense is this?

So’s your face.


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That’s what your mom said.


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Did I hit a nerve? :joy:

Seriously though, if at least half of the people booking are a family of 4, imagine how much they are spending? People on the U.K. liners FB page have had quotes of £15k!!

Should have just gone with this one. Much better than the other.

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Your mom said that, too.

I don’t know what all the fuss was yesterday with reservations. The deals weren’t that good. Well, not for budget or whatever they call them. Value. Whatever. Free breakfast. Woot. That’s no use to anyone. Upgraded to regular DDP. Made a saving of £100 or so. What’s that — 4% overall discount?

CSR offer was more tempting but higher headline cost. And I’m not really a “resort day” person so where I stay isn’t a huge consideration. In the end the Skyliner was the determining factor.

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That’s always the deal at values, that’s why generally UK guests don’t stay at them. It’s not worth it if you’re paying to upgrade anyway.

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I had essentially the same dilemma for this summer’s trip and went for CSR, which ended up being cheaper when I took the gift card into account.

But the Skyliner is a game changer for me.

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Also, it makes upgrading to a preferred room (or whatever they call them) a less obviously good choice because the further away rooms will be closer to the Skyliner station. Sort of.

I’m just glad the Skyliner will be far away from POFQ. Though I’ll probably stay offsite again for future trips.

Won’t it still only be preferred rooms that are close to the skyliner? I guess maybe some other rooms are closer than they are to the buses.

At Pop? Preferred rooms are at this point closer to the main building (I forget what it’s called). The Death Bucket station is at the lake between Pop and AoA - opposite the main building.

There is speculation that there may cease to be “Standard” rooms at Pop - or very few standard rooms - after the Death Buckets are going.

Yes. The buildings by the pool are preferred, right? Those are the ones that are close to the skyliner station.

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Ah. The resort is more symmetrical than I thought. Although some standard rooms are now going to have pretty short walks to the Cloud Carriage station.

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No, the Bowling Pin pool view rooms are currently Standard Pool View.

The Hippy Dippy Pool View rooms are currently Preferred Pool View.

Pop is a weird one for a value as it has 4 categories at this time: Preferred, Preferred Pool View, Standard Pool View, and Standard.

I guess maybe it isn’t just those 2 buildings that are preferred.

gotcha. Didn’t realize that.

Yeah. It’s a platypus among value resorts having that many categories.

There’s a fascinating mini-documentary on the Pop/Art of Animation resort on youtube.