What Candlelight Processional show has shortest lines

We are going to the Candlelight Processional on Friday Nov. 28th. We are not getting the package. Which of the 3 shows would have the shortest lines to increase our chance of getting a seat?

I am going to guess that 1) Touring Plans has info http://touringplans.com/epcot/attractions/candlelight-processional

“Touring Tips: Weekday shows (other than around Thanksgiving and the week between
Christmas and New Year’s Eve) and shows with unpopular narrators tend
to have lower crowds. To guarantee yourself a seat, get in line very
early or purchase a Candlelight Processional Dinner Package. If you
don’t get in, note that you can hear the beautiful music just fine in
the plaza in front of the American Adventure building.”

Based on the habits of all parades, fantasmic, etc - I would guess the late show might be the best bet?

We are there Thanksgiving time. Only 2 nights we can go is Friday 28 or Mon Dec 1st. The Monday (which was the weekday show) is Neil Patrick Harris which I heard is the busiest performer so was thinking Friday may be better as not as popular a performer. But then there were 3 shows… Too much money to do the package so hoping for the best at that 3rd performance. Thank you.