What can I ride during Early Entry and see welcome show, "Let the Magic Begin"?

I have a 5 and 7 year old. We will have Early Entry, but our kids will love the morning show “Let the Magic Begin.” Any suggestions about a ride we could get to and get back in time to see the show?

I was thinking Astro Orbiter. It isn’t the best ride to “rope drop,” but then if we are walking to the castle a little late, we would be able to see the show as we approached.

I being behind the castle in Fantasyland is a risk.



Astro Orbiter and Speedway are both good choices since those lines build fast. Have you watched videos of the show?

Saw it live when my oldest was 4, and she lost her mind with excitement. A younger, single me would have hard time being at the park that early and not being on a coaster.

Those two are good choices…Will you be using Genie Plus for Peter Pan? If not I may do that one then walk down the Liberty Square side path to see the show or through the castle if it’s open. I know they close it right before shows.