What attractions should you visit/ ride during the MK parade if you don't watch it?

Weather cooperating we are planning to watch the parade during our first day at WDW, an afternoon with FPPs and a BOG lunch booked but a relaxed pace overall.

We will return to MK for a 2nd day, starting with PPO breakfast and a busy morning, FPPs should be finished by just gone midday and then we will be trying for same day FPPs. So my question is do the waits go down for some rides more in comparison to others during the parade? My instinct is to try and pick off some of the smaller rides in Fantasyland while lots of the crowds are waiting for and watching the parade. (Hopefully through a combination of FPP and shorter wait times.) What is the experience of you experts?

I was also wondering what time the parade route gets closed off? Is it just before the parade starts or a while before? We want to do the Pirate Adventure and then ride PoC on the acquired FPP but if we time this wrong could we get trapped in Adventureland for ages as we won’t be able to cross the parade route?!

TIA for any insights, Brizz

I’ve never made it a point to ride or visit during a parade so I can’t speak to that specifically. I would assume there would be a small dip, but wouldn’t expect it to be tremendous.

It doesn’t get CLOSED off until immediately before the parade, but people lining up to view the parade and the setting-up of the roped off/taped off areas does impede travel somewhat. You shouldn’t be trapped in adventureland for ages (you know about the cut-through by the dole whip place, right?) but it does require more patience to move around during and just after the parade.

We are going to watch at Pecos and then go straight to JC and then Aladdin. Can we get there easily as soon as the parade passes by?

You’ll have no trouble as long as you stay on the Pecos side of the street.

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When do they close the walk in front of the Emporium, since it’s the last part of the route? We have a late start that day and will be entering the park right around 3. We have FP for Space or PP for 2:55.

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As it passes. If you’re entering around 3 you would be best served to go up through the emporium the whole way (it’s connected all the way to Casey’s and then cross just before or just after it passes. It kicks off at 3 and it hits the Town Square around 3:20 so if you arrive at 3 you should be fine.


Curious…What about the first part of her question? What are the best attractions (interested in all parks) to visit during parades? Adult DD and I are going in early May. We’re not interested in parades, and plan to take advantage of this time to ride attractions we don’t have Fps to.

One (tedious) way you can look for low waits during the parade time is to check MK wait times for your day, and then looking at each attraction individually on that list. You will see where the graph dips during the parade. Here is the link to today’s list: https://touringplans.com/magic-kingdom/wait-times/date/2019-03-31 .

MK is the only park that comes to mind for a major parade, not EP, HS, or AK.

Thanks, makes sense

When we lined up for the parade they had the crowds on both sides of the route of course, but the CM also made a very good effort to keep the cross walk areas (any place with a cut in the curb for strollers/wheelchairs basically) free of people until the parade started. So while still crowded, you can continue to pass from one side of the park to the other until right before the parade starts.

Based off our last trip I would aim to do PC or HM during that time.