What are your tweens and teens favorite table service meals?

I really want to make this work!! She taps and I know she would love the Irish dancing!

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I thought DS would roll his eyes but he loved it.

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Don;t remember exactly, but likely to have been pork belly, step/prime rib or lamb shank - they’re the kind of thing they normally go for. All plates cleaned each time we go. Since they have been teenagers (they are now 17,17 and 19) my view has been that we will do some signature restaurants and they will be able to find something the like - has worked to date.

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Sanaa, Tusker House, Homecomin and Roaring Forks over at WL.

Chefs de France.

I have 3 daughters ages 14, 12, and 9. They have MANY favorite place to eat. Some have to do with the food options, but most of the ones they get really excited about is the theming and atmosphere.

Liberty Tree Tavern
Be Our Guest
Sci-Fi Dine In Theatre
50s Prime Time Cafe
Beaches and Cream
San Angel Inn

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We went with DD18, DD Friend 16, and DS4. MY DD’s friend is actually more picky than DS. She was able to find something she liked most places as they made her adult portions of kids meals. Neither she nor DS found much they liked at Garden Grill dinner, but the rest of us loved it. Our other favorites were BOG breakfast, Crystal Palace dinner, Ohana breakfast and Mama Melrose lunch. We did not like the Mexico QS or Coral Reef. Flame Tree was just ok as we are from the Midwest and used to good BBQ.

Biergarten and Boma. Nothing beats near infinite possibilities for picky eaters.

I have a now DD 15. She is an aspiring musical theater actress, so she absolutely loved Hoop De Doo. Also liked 50’s Prime Time Cafe for the milkshakes. But her absolute favorite meal of all is the cilantro lime chicken and rice at the Contempo Cafe.

Also, every restaurant has chicken fingers and fries even if it’s not on the menu.

My teenage son would pick Trail’s End. He enjoys unlimited eating! My teenage daughter would pick Rainforest Cafe. Her choice is completely about the Volcano dessert! They both also really like Crystal Palace and Garden Grill.

Totally agree for my 9 year old. Not characters, but theming. In addition to @abribbe’s list she also loves Sanaa, Via Napoli, and Rainforest Cafe.

Oddly enough, my picky eater DS11’s 3 favorite places to eat are SciFi, Le Cellier and Boathouse. Le Cellier because of the signature poutine and Boathouse because of the parker house rolls. I’m with him on the poutine (yum!) but loving some place because of the rolls is a little different. (He’s also a big steak fan)