What are your tweens and teens favorite table service meals?

So far, we have Storybook Dinner with Snow White, Liberty Tree Tavern, Garden Grill, Sci Fi, Tusker House, Tiffins and Mama Melrose’s. I would love Trattoria Al Forno, but don’t know if it will work out timewise. I’m not sure about Tiffins, but it’s the FOLK package, so I really don’t want to cancel.

Any places that your unadventurous eaters hated? Loved?

Is 8 a tween? Anyways she doesn’t like restaurants in general. Her favorites are Crystal Palace, Garden Grill, Hoop Dee Doo, and Teppan Edo (although she was quite disappointed they had udon noodles instead of fried rice like Benihana).

My 11yo’s favourites were Biergarten, Sci Fi and Yachtsman. He has requested them again this year aged 14.

Favorites are Garden Grill, Sci Fi and Trex. They did not like Ohana dinner. The rest of the restaurants my tweens ate from the kids menu, so they didn’t mind any of the food.

We’re not on the DDP…can they order from the kids menu even at 11 & 15 years?

The kids loved Teppan Edo, Be Our Guest dinner, Narcoosees, my teen loved lunch from Les Halles- she always gets the Tartine aux frommage (pizza like)

My unadventurous kids LOVE:

Tusker House
Whispering Canyon Cafe
Chef Mickey
Crystal Palace
La Hacienda
50s Prime Time


I could see my DD11 ordering grilled chicken or surf and turf at Tiffins :rofl:. She’s unpredictable. In every way. :joy:

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As long as it’s not buffet or places like BOG or Artists Point where it’s a set price, they should be able to order from the kids menu.

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My tween, now teen, daughter loves character meals and buffets. She is vegetarian and picky, so she loved the freedom of choice. 1900 Park, both breakfast and dinner, were best quality character interactions. Garden Grill breakfast huge hit. She even enjoyed Bierrgarten. So many others were a hit. Mama Melrose (Any Italian restaurant is always a win). Hardest for her was quick service…

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My 11 and 13 year-old loved O’hana (dinner), Sci-fi, California Grill dinner during fire works, and Raglan Road.


In our family, the best meals are the ones we can get done with as quickly as possible so as to get back to the rides! :slight_smile:


I’m wondering if this will be true for us as well, but my little one overheats easily, so I’m really using them as an AC break.

Yes. That’s smart. Although, even then, we find AC counter service generally.

Just to add another TS here that I didn’t see mentioned–my 14 y.o. daughter adores Yak and Yeti. In fact, I had to add it in to this trip because she was devastated that it wasn’t on my list!

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That’s really good to know…any that you would highly recommend?

Highly? Well, no. I mean, we do counter service because it is faster and, generally, cheaper. We don’t expect high quality food! :slight_smile: But we’ve usually do Pinocchio Village Haus, Cosmic Ray’s, and Columbia Harbor House at MK.

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My teenage girls favourite TS meals over many years have been Yak andYeti, 50s, Saana and Teppon Edo. For signature restaurants they have enjoyed Tiffins and Cali Grill.

Oh yes DS11 loved Raglan Road too.

Do you remember what they ordered at Tiffins? I’m worried about that one the most, but I really want to go. Selfish, but I’m paying :joy: