What are your top 3 must visit pavilions in the WS?

We are planning our second trip to WDW. On our last trip I planned too much into our days and didn’t give us enough time to just enjoy being in the parks. We were only in Epcot for a short time and basically only saw the bit of Norway near Akershus and the Anna and Elsa meet.
This year I would like to take some time to visit a few of the pavilions in the WS, but I don’t want to feel rushed and I know we can’t do it all. If you were going to Epcot and could only visit 3 WS pavilions, which would they be and why?

  1. Morocco - wander back into it and you’ll find some beautiful tile work, some interesting exhibits, and a real feeling of atmosphere! The food and vibe of eating outside at Spice Road Table are great, too.

  2. Mexico - I just love the “outdoors at night” plaza experience inside the pyramid, and Mexican food in general. I also like the mariachi band there.

  3. Japan - the pearl in an oyster experience in the big store is really fun, as are the variety of items for sale, from fun snacks, cutesy items, to beautiful chopsticks! Also, the outdoor area is really peaceful and lovely and the Daruma drummers are great.

You can also slowly walk by the other countries without spending too much time, like enjoy some of the acts in China, the miniature train in Germany, or a quick walk through the British streets!


United States - this pavilion is rather simple as it relates to architecture, but it has one thing that rivals all the others. The Voices of Liberty singers. They sound ahhhhhhmazing!

Germany - I can easily watch that train for an hour. There are so many details. Also love the village area and beer selection. Plus the Werther’s store.

Japan - love the serenity of the garden, but my favorite is Mitsikoshi Department Store. I actually enjoy watching strangers get fitted for a kimono, aside from all the other beautiful merchandise, Japanese snacks and candies.

It was hard to only pick three. World Showcase is wonderful!


Now I’m getting FOMO again… how long does it take realistically to go through a pavilion? When I create my TP it gives me 10 minutes per pavilion.

How many pavilions would you try to see if you had young kids that also wanted to do the rides and meet and greets? We will probably want to swim at some point that day as well, but can come back in the evening, we are staying at BWI.

So I have used the 10-15 minute rule in my plan and it tends to balance out. Just be sure to add in any entertainment you might want to catch at each pavilion. A lot of the performers are really cool.

My faves: Germany, France, Morocco, Mexico

Something fun for the kids might be characters throughout world showcase - you might check out Kenny the Pirate’s character finder ($3 or similar) to get an idea of who is where when. I know I’ve seen Belle in France, Mulan in China, Mary Poppins and Alice in UK… Sleeping Beauty somewhere but don’t remember…

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America - Voices of Liberty
UK - British Revolution
Morocco - Tangierine Cafe - a new favorite thanks to @PrincipalTinker


Morocco is one of our must do pavilions. The Germany train is also. Many trips have included the pearl in Japan.

We also like China. The 360 degree movie is perhaps dated but the premise allows enjoyment anyway - it’s essentially history and scenery.

Next to the movie area there is usually a display of artifacts. Some times more interesting than other times.

And then there’s the store. Kids looking for a souvenir to attend their money on love this store. The wood carver in our family spends his time examining the jade carvings. We usually leave with a t-shirt or three.

When the kiosk by the lagoon is open we’ve found the best snacks.

Canada is another gem for us. Again, there is the 360 movie, recently with Martin Short, family fav. One family member loves to walk thru the leather store breathing deeply.
And outside is the totem photo op. This last trip, two great granddaughters selected easy to reach holes leaving the really high one for their normal size 7 year old sister. The photo shows the girls’ faces in the holes and their feet under the panel. Except under the really high photo are size 13 sneakers, belonging to out of sight dad lifting his daughter for the picture. :wink:


Depends on the pavilion really. 15-30 is probably decent enough, adding a bit more for entertainment or food

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I can’t wait to go to China and get the cotton candy. I have been waiting for this for months.


I don’t think I can pick three, this past summer we did Living With the Land, The Living Seas, and Spaceship Earth (just because we knew it was closing for refurb) And spent the rest of the day in WS, but my kids are teenagers who kinda treated it like “shopping around the world” lol. I think Japan, France(we got some ice cream there that was awesome!) and Morocco stand out the most from my most recent trip,

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Mexico is my favourite, it’s hard to pick just 2 more though! Morocco and UK maybe. We always skip USA, and don’t spend much time in Canada.


We were looking forward to the cotton candy as well when we were there a couple of weeks ago for the festival of the arts. Unfortunately, the artist that makes the cotton candy also makes the sugar pieces at the booth out front, so no cotton candy for us! :sob:

when my daughter was younger (13ish?)was let her do a candy crawl at each country where should could pick one thing to buy but she had to ask the local cast member what their favorite treat/candy was from their country first. It got her involved in the countries and she met some really great people.


Japan - You could spend an hour in the Mitsukoshi store and I always like seeing the taiko drum performance.

Mexico - The ambiance is awesome and it’s one of the coolest (temperature-wise) places in the park.

Norway - because who doesn’t like Frozen. And the Kringla bakery has some tasty treats.


Kinda depends on what you’re looking to for, I think?

For me:
Photo Ops: France, UK, Canada/Morroco
Activities: Norway (FEA), America (Voices of Liberty), China (Reflections of China)
Want to Learn about the country: France, China, America(the little museum is really interesting)
Food during a festival: America (usually has something awesome), Canada (esp during F&W),
Shopping: Japan, UK, France (with Mexico a very close 4th)
Festival of the Holiday shows: Italy, UK, Norway
QS Meals: Morocco, Mexico, France
Table Meals: France, UK, Italy


If you have young kids, the passports are cool - I think they sell them in most gift shops and they’re a pretty high quality souvenir. The kids can take them to the cast member at the Kidcot station, and they’ll write something in their native language in the passport, and then it has a bunch of stickers they can stick on the appropriate page.


We had a great time with Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. It’ll buy you 20-30 minutes if you want to see something the rest of the family doesn’t- or vice-versa :wink:


My favorite 3 are:
UK: Love the design and architecture of the pavilion, plus the back garden where British Revolution play is never crowded and is a nice quite place to sit and have what is the best part of the pavilion: a draft Smithwicks beer from the Rose and Crown pub.
Mexico: The interior of the pavilion is so fantastic, the Gran Fiesta ride is a nice escape from the heat and best of all is La Cava for a margarita (there’s a trend with my favorites)
Morocco: This pavilion is just the most beautiful in my opinion. Walking through to the back and through all the alleys and courtyards is another great way to feel transported from Orlando. They dont have any drinks that are particular favorites of mine, but the atmosphere of the whole place makes up for that.

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france: there’s always a lot of activity plus the food options from sweet to savory are great. serveur amusant is a fun act to catch.

japan: i love wandering around mitsukoshi.

morocco: there’s lots to explore and it has a really good vibe.

runner-up: canada. the outdoor space is beautiful.

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Cotton candy! I had no idea!

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