What are your thoughts on this for MK RD?

So my aim is to get a 7DMT FPP for the 10am slot, and at RD do SPlashM and BTR. I know so many of the recommendations are to do 7DMT FPP first thing, but wouldn’t that not be making the most of the shorter lines on other rides at RD? The recommendation on many posts also seems to be do Fantasyland at RD, but for walking times it looked to me to be a good idea to get the 2 Frontierland rides out of the way first as there didn’t seem to be too much else of interest to use there. Then head over to Fantasyland with FPP’s for 7DMT, PP & ETB. What are your thoughts on this idea?

Your plan is exactly what we always do. We always get FPs for fantasyland and start in Frontierland and Adventureland when the park opens. It feels great to turn away from the masses of people first thing.

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Also, Splash is a much longer ride than BTMRR, so do BTMRR first. If you do Splash first the lines for other things will be longer by the time you exit. Depending on how crowded it is that day, you can probably do Pirates 3rd without too much of a wait.

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We are doing it your way.

I love Frontierland in the morning! It’s usually so quiet and peaceful! Stop in Sleepy Hollow on your way to Fantasyland.

Agreed on the advice to do BTMR first because it is shorter and occasionally Splash takes a little extra time to get going in the AM.

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