What are your must have FPPs?

For the first three FPPs, that is. List for each park. Also, do you book throwaway Tier 2s so you can get to rebook a Tier 1 or do you actually want those rides?

We always use our tier 2s. Unless you’re not riding any, a FP will always save you time on a ride even if the standby is only 10 minutes. Not on shows though.

We have a few days in each park so we have FPs for most stuff. We also haven’t been since before Pandora and TSL opened. So I’ll leave the recommendations to those with more up to date experience.

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Mine are pretty obvious ones, really:

MK — 7DMT, BTMRR, Splash
EP — Soarin’ (I can use single rider for TT), SSE, MS

If I have multiple days at the parks, I might venture into my level 2 choices:

AK — Na’vi

My choices are based partly on what I personally like to do and partly on how long standby lines tend to be. And I do sometimes factor in how pleasant the line is to stand in if I am doing standby — is it indoors, are there things to look at, and so on.

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MK - Dumbo, IASW, and CoP
Epcot - JII, The Seas, and LWTL
HS - Indiana Jones, VOTLM, and MV3D
AK - Finding Nemo, Primeval Whirl, and KRR

You think I jest? Okay. You caught me! :slight_smile:

This is ALMOST always true. But we’ve actually been in situations where the FP line actually was SLOWER, not faster. (I’m talking by a few seconds, but still.)

Once, we were there when the line for SM was a walk-on. But those using the FP line were delayed by the act of having to tap in and then be verified. As a result, we, in standby, actually got onto the ride ahead of those who were entering the FP line ahead of us!

We had a similar experience with EE as well.

Of course, that is rare, and ultimately negligible. But it was kind of funny, nonetheless! :slight_smile:

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We do the same ones at Profmatt except we do TT instead of Soarin’

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We have a toddler and don’t like roller coasters, so our picks are not the obvious ones.
MK - ETWB, Meet Mickey, Splash Mt
AK - Navi, Adventurers Outpost, Safari
EP - FEA, Spaceship Earth, Seas with Nemo
HS - TSM, Star Tours, Frozen

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If we have multiple park days we may stray a little as there are generally 4 to 5 must do rides at each park. Example: AK: FOP, EE, KS. If we go a second day to AK we would substitute the KS for a KRR. Otherwise: I always try to get these first:

MK: SDMT, BTMRR, Splash Mountain

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We’re staying off site (ie: 30 day FPPs), so I’m thinking of trying for:

MK - trying for SMDT, BTMR, Buzz Lightyear or Splash.
EPCOT - TT (a favourite), Figment and Living with the Land
DHS - SDD (not gonna happen, :rofl: so it will be TSM), Star Tours, ???
AK - FOP (again, not gonna happen! so maybe Navi?), Safari, EE? or Primeval Whirl?

What do you all think?

I’ve gotten FPPs for FOP within 30 days — a mixture of luck, perseverance and keeping my eye out for information and announcements on the forums. And there is such a thing as day-of FPPs for FOP.


For further information on day of

Day of FPP info

For me, FPPs always depend on what I am planning to do on that day - I make a personalized TP and use the optimizer to help me determine which ones I want to go for.

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MK: Space Mtn, 7DMT, Splash
EP: TT, SE & Seas with Nemo (the 3rd is generally a throwaway and not needed… i hate mission space!)
AK: FoP, KS & EE… if EE has minimal wait in the morning i modify to Dinosaur. I love Dinosaur.
HS: ToT, RnR, and I assume now will be SDD. Previously, Star Tours.

My personal must-dos thus far (not including Pandora or TSL because I haven’t been since they opened :sob:) are:

MK - Jungle Cruise, HM, PP
Epcot - Soarin, SE
DHS - Star Tours, Indy, TSMM
AK - Safari, Kali

With the addition of Pandora and TSL, they would be:

DHS - TSMM, Star Tours, Indy (no change)!
AK - FoP, Safari, Kali

MK - SDMT, Space Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight (BTMRR, Splash in contention, too)
Epcot - Frozen Ever After, Spaceship Earth, Mission Space (Easy to rope drop Soarin’)
HS - Slinky, TOT, RNRC
AK - FOP, Expedition Everest, Kilamanjaro Safaris