What are your must do shows?

What are your favorite must see shows in WDW parks?

We’re already doing the FOTLK package and the nighttime shows, Laugh Floor, Enchanted Tales with Belle and Indiana Jones are already on my family’s list. What other shows are must see? What would you NOT recommend? Are any of them redundant (I saw that there are a few Beauty and the Beast shows at different parks)?

And is a FPP necessary? How early do you need to show up before a show?

I know that I have planned very packed days, so I’m trying to weed out what we could possibly skip.

At HS, Frozen For the First Time in Forever. Its a summary of the movie with really hilarious “historian” hosts, appearances by characters, and Sing Along to the songs. Seeing little girls belt out “Let It Go” should not be missed.
We also love Finding Nemo at AK – it hits the main elements of the movie story and the songs, and with really creative staging using puppets. Not everyone will put it on their lists, but especially if you have littles who love Nemo or Dori, it should be on it.

Even my “I hate Frozen” five year old loved the Frozen show. I’d give the Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios a miss, it wasn’t really worth it.

I was underwhelmed by Fantasmic, next time I’d give it a miss and do the Star Wars fireworks instead. If you do do it skip the fast pass, it didn’t get us any better seats and actually was a negative, because we were on the far side of the amphitheatre from the exit - it took 25 minutes in a crush of people to get out.

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We absolutely loved Frozen Sing Along. The nighttime spectaculars as well (Fantasmic! and HEA are absolutely must-do’s for us). We also really like Monsters Inc., but I don’t know if that counts as a show. Turtle Talk is equally cool, but we’ve done it a bunch of times at DLR, so it’s not a top priority for us. Festival of the Lion King was definitely worth seeing and Nemo Musical was pretty good…worth seeing once at least.

We like beauty and the beast at HS, I’m ok missing voyage of the little mermaid and whatever flights of wonder has become. We catch Indiana Jones lion king, and Nemo every time in addition to beauty and the beast

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HEA and FOTLK are my only must-dos

Indy is my main must-do at DHS, and in my top 3 of all WDW attractions.

And if I was going back before the end of the summer, I would include Illuminations.

We really liked turtle talk, Mickey’s Philharmagic, FOTLK. Underwhelmed with the Enchanted Tales with Belle show as I think DD at 10 was too old for it.

Hoop De Do Review :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The Beauty and the Beast show at HS is one of my favourite things in all the parks! The Frozen singalong was fun, and I don’t even like Frozen. Indy is good if you can get good seats near the middle to see everything. Skip Little Mermaid - it’s not great and smells mouldy. I was underwhelmed by all of the shows at AK. Muppets is good too - Mickey’s Philharmagic is also fun, but Muppets was better if you have to chose. Of the night shows, MK is best, then AK, then HS. I haven’t been to Epcot in too long to know what it’s like right now.


The two Beauty and The Beast shows are quite different from each other. I like the version at HS better, it’s a condensed version of the movie with the songs, etc, like the Lion King show at AK. The version at MK is interactive (though not everyone gets to) and I found it boring, though kids might find it appealing. I think it’s more like an elaborate meet-and-greet, which would be great if you have a child who loves Belle.

Unless you’re going at peak times, FPP aren’t usually necessary for the shows

Also, no Liner love for It’s Tough To Be A Bug? :rofl: I actually kind of like it but obviously am in the minority!

Muppets at HS or Muppets at MK? Thanks for all the feedback!

The only reason I left Tough to be a Bug out of my TP for AK was because I read somewhere that giant spiders cross the floor…and my youngest is terrified of spiders…but maybe it’s worth a go?

No, I would not suggest it, then. I think it IS terrifying for some kids, mine included. My DD is 24 and still won’t go back in there! I just don’t mind bugs, myself.

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Sorry, it’s Muppets at HS that I like!

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I was recently underwhelmed with the Belle storytime at MK and was surprised at how long we had to wait in the early morning. Will be skipping it the next time. Loved LK and HEA.

Love MuppetVision 3D and Finding Nemo: the Musical! They’re both on my must-do list.

And until it disappears, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.