What are your favorite mobile resources to use while in the park?

Other than the lines app and MDE, what are some of the apps and resources you find to be most useful while you are on the go in the parks?

Heads Up for waiting in Any lines we do encounter

Accuweather for checking weather

Instagram for posting photos

Occasionally we use Kenny the Pirate for character info, but less now than when the kids were smaller.

Googlemaps for figuring distance


These are the only two I use; I try not to spend too much time on my phone. But I am looking forward to try the new “game” that they introduced.


I tried the trivia game in the Soarin’ queue the other day. I thought I’d give it a shot and shut it right back down, but I found myself answering questions right up until we boarded! I suppose that’s an endorsement, huh?

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Character Locator for character times and lists of magic shots.