What are your favorite consumable gifts to buy at WDW or DS?

What do you find makes a good gift from Disney? What unique gifts have you given that have been a hit? And where did you get them?

When I’m on vacation, I try to buy consumable gifts, things like spices, soaps, specialty nuts, teas, jams, soaps and lotions, etc. I also try to buy stuff that is unique to the location. Last year, for example, I bought huckleberry products (syrup, jam, bbq sauce) when we were in Yellowstone.

I like to buy small Christmas gifts (usually in the $15 range) for my large extended family when I’m on vacation. We’ve left very little time in our TP for shopping, so I’m hoping to get some ideas so that we can target the right stores.

I like to buy the WDW caramel corn and Rice Krispie treats you see prepackaged in every gift shop. They travel well. It can also be fun to buy treats in the country pavilions in Epcot.

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Those sound yummy to me! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with diabetes in my family, so I try not to do too many sugary things. I may have to bring some of that home for myself though :wink:

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Curious, since you mentioned buying huckleberry syrup, jam, and bbq sauce, all of which are high in sugar. :slight_smile:

But I’m interested in answers to this as well, since the only consumables I can think of at Disney can be bought elsewhere just as well for much cheaper. (I’m thinking that Goofy’s candy place in Disney Springs was selling a package of dark-chocolate covered almonds for $9, when I can buy the same size package at home for $3.)

I gave the jam and syrup to non diabetic people. I hope the bbq sauce wasn’t too high on sugar, as that’s what I gave the diabetic folks. Possible gift fail there. :flushed:

Well, as an FYI, BBQ sauce is usually quite high in sugar. Corn Syrup is often the number one or two ingredient. But your heart was in the right place! (I’m diabetic, but Type 1, so I can eat whatever I want…but Type 2 it is much more of a concern.)

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I love to buy gifts from Basin. There’s a location in DS and one at GF. There are some Disney inspired items, but most are not (which I like since some of my family and friends aren’t huge Disney fans I’m sorry to say).

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This is not for diabetics, but we loved the Werther’s caramel corn products at the Germany pavilion in Epcot. They also have German wines and beer there.