What are you packing?

From items in your park bag to the things you throw in your suitcase at the last second? What do you all bring?

Normal stuff plus variety of ziplocks (great for water rides and snacks), power strip, bandaids, and Minnie ears.

Ponchos, Ponchos, Ponchos! Amazon has some great deals. Don’t pay theme park prices!

Toilet Paper!! Maybe the paper in the Deluxes is better but if you are at a moderate or value, your bum will appreciate the Charmin! lol

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I’m all about minimalism. I flew from the UK for a two week stay last year and just had one cabin bag. No queueing at the baggage carousel. First to the immigration lines. Perfect!

I bought a tote bag to carry stuff round the parks but kept trimming its contents. This summer I plan on carrying a much smaller bag with just the essentials.

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Totally agree with @profmatt’s minimalist strategy. You can find lots of WDW packing lists out there, but I prefer to think of them as “overpacking lists”. You are not taking a solo trek across the Antarctic, so you do not have to pack for every eventuality. Pack the essentials and leave it at that.


I admit to being an overpacker. But my family appreciates I usually have whatever they need on hand! My park bag has: bandaids, moleskin, Tylenol, ponchos, fans and cooling towels if a warm time of year, baggies of various sizes, extra battery charger and cable for iphone, chapstick, sunscreen. Other items I include in my regular luggage: what we refer to as the ‘octopus’ - a multi-port charger for ipads, iphones, chargers, etc, clothes pins (for drying bathing suits in the room), a deck of cards and cribbage board (DS and I like to sit on the balcony at our resort and play to end a day), my KYSS bag for the pool…and probably a bunch of other stuff I will never need! :wink:

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I have an AA credit card that allows one free checked bag per person in travel group. DH is already planning to stash Charmin Ultra Strong in his suitcase.