What are the top 2 DINNER reservations for each park based on popularity?

also, wondering if terrace firework dessert at MK is worth it. thanks.

MK: BOG / unsure of 2nd

EP: Akershus / Garden Grill

AK: Tusker House / unsure

HS: 50’s Prime Time / Brown Derby?

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This is tough, because many of the “popular” ones are not ones I would typically go to…

MK - BOG and CRT
EP - Akershus and Garden Grill (although VN and R&C may get honorable mention)
DHS - 50s and Sci-Fi
AK - Tusker House and Y&Y

Of this list, VN, TH, and 50s are the only ones that show up on my list of places I would go - although none of them would be my first choice at a park.

For reference, here is my personal list

MK - None, really - but haven’t tried Skipper’s yet
EP - Monsieur Paul and BG
DHS - HBD and 50s
AK - TH and probably Tiffins (once I get a chance to try it)

Define popularity. Hardest to get? Highest rated?

to clarify, i mean the ones not to be missed. We are from idaho, and will not be back for at least 3 years, also its our first time there this May.

Tiffins was probably my #1 dining experience in WDW…period.

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And yet my foodie DH was not impressed with Tiffins. Made me swear to never make him eat there again actually. I don’t remember my meal but he had the fish (with the head still on it).

In MK, probably BOG and CRT are the hardest to get.

Don’t forget about Disney Springs, and a lot of wonderful resort restaurants.

That depends on a number of factors:

(1) Kids or no kids
(2) if yes to kids, do you want to do Character Meals
(3) Are you interested in (more expensive) “fine dining”, or more moderately priced dinners
(4) If you had to choose between food quality and theming/unique experience, which is more important to you
(5) Perhaps the most important - what kind of food do you like/dislike, and are you open to new things, or do you want familiar “standards”.

Happy to give opinions, but need a bit more info before I can help…

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I have a broader definition of the parks.

MK includes Contemporary, Grand Floridian and Polynesian

Epcot includes Beach Club, Yacht Club, Boardwalk

AK includes AKL

All of which brings a whole load of (very good) hotel restaurants into play.

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Oh that’s so disappointing!! DH, DS8 and I shared the grilled octopus app. DH ordered the Duo of Venison and I ordered the scallops…they were both cooked to perfection! I would like to think that if you tried it again you would have a much more enjoyable (and delicious :drooling_face:) experience!

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I agree entirely. Most of the “best” restaurants are at the resorts - V&A, Citrico’s, Narcoossee’s, CG, Artists Point, Yachtsman, Flying Fish, and Jiko. Monsieur Paul, Le Cellier, Tiffins, and to a lesser extend HBD, are the only in-park restaurants in the same league. And that’s just counting the “Disney” signatures and not all of the other top-line places in the Swan. Dolphin, and DS.

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just a family of 3 here. my son is 9. we wouldnt do any resort resturants due to scheduling, and wouldnt do any character dining either.