What are the best ways to get from John Wayne airport to Disneyland and how much do they cost?

We are headed down to Disneyland in Nov and we have never had to fly in before. Can you guys tell me about the transportation situation?

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Taxis are a little pricey from SNA but SuperShuttle and PrimeTime both service the airport, check their websites for specials to see who is cheaper. Avoid Disneyland Express, it's expensive and runs too infrequently. Also look into car rental, it's much cheaper there than at LAX.

We used Karmel Shuttle. On time and I think $31 one way for two adults. They have a website. Used them in May.

I second the Supershuttle! We have AAA so we get a discount, for 3 adults roundtrip it cost me $54.00 (so $18 each RT). Have always had a good experience, didn't wait too long for them to pick us up, didn't have tons of stops before we got to our hotel (or airport on the way back). Vans usually seat 9 people.

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If you have kids that need carseats but you don't have your carseat for your holiday, that really limits your choices. We always use the Disneyland Express because as far as I know, it is the only non-car seat legal option (I know you can request carseats in taxis and car services, but I am bit leery of how clean they are).

On our last trip in February, I was reading the Disney Express flyer and it said that up to 3 kids are free when with an adult! I had never seen that before and I have always paid for my son- does anyone know anything about this?

EDIT: I was really spending too much time thinking about this, so I googled it, and sure enough - you get 3 free kids with an adult which probably makes it much more cost efficient for a lot of families. Here is a link to the brochure: http://www.graylineanaheim.com/docs/DRE%20Brochure.pdf

I always include the ground transport when I book my trip through Disney, and I am pretty sure they always charge me a little less per adult ($17, not 20) BUT they also charge me for my son! Not cool!! I will just buy my tickets at the wicket next time!

We usually take a shuttle along the super-shuttle variety, although there are several companies that operate the same way. It's $10.00 per person, as stated already. We never have made a reservation to do this and typically leave within 5 minutes of getting into the bus and have one or two other parties with us getting dropped off in the same area. It hasn't taken more than an hour any time we've done this.

We also have taken a taxi and paid about $40.00

Following: we might go to DLR in 2015 and I need to figure out transfers for 2 adults, 6 yr old and 1 yr old.