What are magic bands?

I was reading the Wikipedia page on MB, it says there is a transmitter inside. Is this an option for slapping on my little ones in case someone gets lost? Can the park track your kiddos?

Here’s an article on TP that should help to answer your questions: http://blog.touringplans.com/2013/09/04/magicband-faq/

The MagicBands are not being used in DLR, but only in WDW at this time. I believe I read somewhere recently that they could potentially be used to track children but that they are not currently being used for that purpose.

Thank you, this exactly the information I was looking for. We are going to DLR in October. Maybe next trip they’ll be up and running.

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Even if they could track a person, I am not so sure I would want that. I understand for lost kiddos, but the thought of them knowing where I am at every moment is kind of creepy. Too much big brother

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