What am I doing wrong?

Trying to finalize our touring plans, but I’m pretty sure I must be doing something wrong. I’ll use our first Epcot day as an example.

Here are our FPP times:
10:00 AM at Test Track
11:10 AM at Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot
12:10 PM at Journey Into Imagination With Figment

When I evaluate, it doesn’t use any of them. Instead it says:
9:19 PM Test Track w/19 minute wait
9:47 PM Meet Disney Pals w/47 minute wait
10:48 PM Journey w/108 minute wait

From 10:00 AM - 1:20 PM, it has as free time. Why wouldn’t I use the FPP choices then instead of waiting in long lines at the end of the day after?

Choosing to evaluate doesn’t change the order at all, so if you want to go in that order without taking significant breaks between your fpp times don’t work with evaluating your plan. However, when you choose optimize it will arrange everything into the optimal order including using your fpp times if they are the shortest waits for you.

Thank you so much. First time going to WDW and using TP. Starting to get a little stressed out trying to make sure I do everything ‘right’.

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No problem! You are way ahead of most first timers! Another tip is if you are trying to get things in a particular order (like…working on it for hours)…be absolutely certain that you don’t click optimize. This is the most heartbreaking thing after working to make it perfect, optimizing will undo it all.

Usually, I pick what I want to do, then optimize, then tweak it. You can also copy your plan so that you can try different things without losing your work.

I’ve done this so many times! Let me know if you have any more questions!


Remember just by having a plan you will be ahead of 90%of the other guests. We use TP as a guideline not a set in stone plan. I have been known to print out and highlight the must see things so I know what we can skip if we get distracted or want to do something twice.


Did that work? If not, sometimes there is an issue with your am/pm settngs.

It was definitely user error. :blush:
Thanks for helping me get on the right track.


That’s what I was thinking, if they’ve got 4 hours worth of activities but 8 hours in the plan it will have them do nothing when waits are longest.

don’t stress out. and don’t freak out in the park if “somoene” cant follow the plan.

Try to get any Grumpy dwarves to commit to two things before you leave.

  1. Rope drop. we want to get to the park one hour BEFORE it opens. This gives time to cross the Tram, Monorail and security.
  2. lets try the touring plan for One day. Most Grumpy or Dopey Dwarves become very Happy after they see it work one day