What am I doing wrong with TP?

I can’t get my TP to Evaluate or Optimize, this is the error message. But I haven’t done any ‘old’ custom steps to know what to fix! Not gonna lie these can get pretty frustrating. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong.

Optimize or Evaluate?

Action Required!

  • Please replace old ‘custom’ steps with breaks, meals or attractions.

After you have resolved the above issue, click here to enable Optimize and Evaluate.
This will only try to enable the Optimize and Evaluate buttons; no steps will be changed or evaluated.

eek - never seen that. Can you publish as is? I know TP added a (very valuable) process to invoke an older modified plan. Wonder if that has something to do with it

Did you start it from scratch, or from a preset plan?

I started my plan back in July (a personalized plan) I wanted to make some changes with the new EEMH. I made a couple changes and now I get this error code. I might need to start from scratch, ughh!

I wondered if it was a preset plan with attractions that are shut now, but if it’s already a personalised plan and something shuts it should just tell you to remove it before you can optimise/evaluate.

Publish your plan, if you’re willing, and let’s see if any of us can spot anything that might be causing this. I will say though, I had some major issues with my plans yesterday…where when I optimized it reset my in park hours to the full day. It was super weird and frustrating…and even if I went back to an older optimization the hours were reset.


Did you check for any messages at the top? It’s easy to scroll past those – which might say something useful, like an attraction has closed.

Thank you, I just ended up starting a new one. Since I already had my plan figured out, it didn’t take long to add it all into a new plan. I have the exact same schedule but this time it let me Evaluate and Optimize. Still can’t figure out what is different on the first one, oh well… moving on. Thank you for the advice though.

I am having the same issue today! I haven’t made any changes to my plan in a while and when I went to check it I got that message. I’m not advanced enough to add any custom steps lol

Here is my link if anyone can help! https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3774407

Grr I figured it out. It was because I had my Savi’s reservation on there - and now that I took it out I don’t see any way to add it back in?