What about tickets that were purchased?

Since Disney has announced closing, trying to see what I need to do now. I do not have to worry about canceling my hotel ressies, they were booked and paid for through my work but I did purchase a couple convention tickets and a DAH ticket for the MK dated for 3/23. The convention tickets I am pretty sure were good till the end of the year so they should just stay attached to my MDE account, right? Do I need to do anything else not to lose them?
The DAH ticket, since that was for a specific date, do I need to call or do you think they will just refund anyone automatically that has purchased one?

Thought I would ask here first, I am sure the phone lines are mobbed. If I do not need to call, I rather save my time to do other things, although our entire county is shut down, everything was ordered closed except grocery stores and gas stations for the next 2 weeks so we will probably be going stir crazy pretty fast around our house.

All the info is here. You should be fine https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/travel-information/


Thank you. Guess if I read this first I would not have had to post anything.

Thanks for the link.

That answers almost everything. I was wondering about how the tickets would work (doesn’t apply now…but I presume the same policy will apply if they extend the closure).

But I’m left wondering how the scheduling of Fastpasses will go in such a case. If we end up not being able to go in May, when our date-based tickets are, this implies that if we go in August, we’ll be able to book Fastpasses at 30 days out from any date. I guess we shall see!

Has anyone successfully moved their tickets yet? If so, were you able to do it online or did you call? I have clicked on “change ticket” under my name several times and keep getting an error screen. I assume it’s that the website is really busy right now.

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Curious if this applies to tickets purchased through a 3rd party like Undercover Tourist?

No reason it shouldn’t. They are still date-based valid Disney tickets.

It says that tickets during the closure dates will be automatically extended to use any date until 12/15/20. So I don’t think you need to change your ticket online. I purchased my tickets through a third party and have them linked in MDE; therefore I am assuming they will be treated by Disney like any other ticket.

I confirmed this with Disney today. It will change automatically to be valid until Dec. I’m keeping an eye on my MDE to see if those March dates fall off the tickets.

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This is what I’m wondering. In particular, if I don’t make it back by the December 2020 date and the value sits in my account, I’m wondering how easy it will be to utilize them in the future. I considered using my Undercover Tourist tickets toward the price of an Annual Pass and I was told I would have to go to guest relations since I purchased them from a third party. I will be pretty upset if I have to reactivate my ticket value in person. I’m going to call this weekend to ask.

FWIW, I just checked MDE, all my tickets are still showing including my DAH and they other 3 convention type tickets have an date to use by of 12/31/20.

I had 4 days of FPs scheduled, quite awesome ones at that, and they have now disappeared. In fact all I now have no where to click “my plans” anymore.

My plans were all between 3/23 and 3/27. Did hear from work today that training will be rescheduled just not sure when at this point

Did you learn anything about how to apply 3rd-party tickets to future tickets? Same boat as you - bought from UT, and we won’t make it back this year, I don’t think. I really don’t want to have to wait until we get there to buy new tickets. That messes up FP windows, right?

Yeah…that would be my main concern. Although, if the ticket is already linked to MDE, probably a phone call to Disney would help to resolve that.

No, we ended up rescheduling to October because we rented DVC points and were not going to get our money returned. So I didn’t try to call. Sorry!

I have date based tickets to be used from 4/7 to 4/13. Do I have the option to reschedule or get refund or credit now since it is not yet announced that Disney is closing beyond March?