What a weird week to be in Disney World

Half way through our trip but decided to do a trip report after all…

A month ago or so, DS10 made a quip about wishing we could go back to Disney. I chuckled at him and told my DH who responded “you can take him!!” Ummm ok!

My daughters did not want to come this time so we whisked them off to PA for a visit with their grandparents.

DS and I left DFW Wednesday, November 16th. Our flight was scheduled to depart at 5:40. As we entered the security line I got a text from my sister. My mom had been sent to the ER. She has been sick for the better part of 6 weeks. She has been to the ER once already and her doctor twice. This most recent visit was Monday where her doctor ordered lots of testing. She has been exhausted, unable to eat, having terrible reflux, and her stomach has been swollen.

My mom told my sister that she insisted DS and I get on the plane. That she was ok but that the testing her doctor ran Monday led her to want my mom further monitored to try to figure out what’s going on. I agreed to do as she requested.

Our flight ended up leaving DFW 3.5 hours late. Lots of maintenance issues, a tire change, the flight our plane took before ours arriving late and a panicked “we have to board quickly or our pilot will be timed out!” announcement later we finally touched down at MCO at midnight. Waited 40 minutes for a taxi and made it to our room at BWI at 1:30 am.

I had planned on rope dropping MK Thursday morning and DS wanted to keep the plan so I set my alarm for 5 am and turned in for a long nap around 2. :woozy_face:


Groggily woke up at 5 am. Woke DS at 5:30. Lots of coffee accompanied us to the bus stop and we were on the first MK which arrived at 6:17.

Made it to the MK bus stop at 6:30, breezed thru security and lined up at taps. Dang it is cold this week!! It has been cloudy, windy and cold! :cold_face: of course DS has still been in shorts because of course. Boys.

They opened taps right at 7. The second I needed to buy ILL for 7D and book a LL for PPF and curse out my dumb MB+ for failing to work at all and not letting me tap into the park. Ahh! Cluster.

They ended up giving me a card to tap in with and we lined up in Tomorrowland. The RD crowd was pretty minimal over here and the CMs were fun and chatty. EE started right at 7:30 and we rode Space, PM and Buzz during the first half hour!


After the park officially opened, we stopped at Joffrey’s. More coffee. Shopped a little in Tomorrowland and rode WtP, Barnstormer x2, Dumbo, PPF (LL) and small world between 8 and 9:30. Crowds the first two hours felt blissfully minimal and the morning was just gorgeous.


Looks like a fun day! I love MK early mornings!


I had booked our second LL for JC but it was way out after lunch. Lines were starting to build a bit. I noticed MILF was down so I changed my LL to that and managed to grab two anytime LLs while it stayed down and picked up another JC afternoon time once the ride came back online.

We used the restroom and used our first anytime for HM. I planned to used our second one on BTM and ride Pirates in between which was still posted at 5 min for standby. Got over there, got in line and nope. Definitely 25 min. Not 5. Checked LL availability and PotC had immediate availability. DS suggested cancelling JC, booking and immediately using Pirates and then rebooking JC. Genius!!! Totally baller liner move and it worked perfectly!!

So we got out of SB, hopped in the LL line, rode pirates and went to use our second anytime LL on BTM. Then, we did a little shopping, headed to Fantasyland, split a sundae, and used our ILL for 7D. What a freaking amazing morning in Mk.


So fun! Brilliant move by DS!


We had an 11:30 ADR at Skipper’s so we headed for a well earned lunch. We shared some cheese bread, I got the curry w/ some fish added to the dish. It was pretty good. Not my favorite but definitely hit the spot. Dole whips after lunch.

We spent the next couple of hours relaxing. Did the shooting hall, TSI, emporium, MSB for more coffee and got a cookie at Big Top Treats. I was so excited for this cookie but it did not taste good. A big ol’ letdown.



Did you ever get this resolved?


Happy to be following along, this looks to be an amazing trip. We’re going in 10 days and the excitement is building!


Yes. I had tried to update it the night before but it wouldn’t do it. I finally managed to update it Thursday night and that fixed the issue.


Where is that little hut where DS is standing inside holding a coffee?


At this point our super late night was catching up to us. We decided we wouldn’t make it for the later return of our JC LL so we ditched it for a BTM one. We also had one for Barnstormer. So we walked to ride BTM, watched FoF and rode Barnstormer one more time and headed out of MK around 3:45.


That’s the tree at the entrance of the WtP queue :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you know I have never noticed that :woman_facepalming:t2:


It was closed off for a while during Covid. It’s there as a little walk thru for kids. Super cute. I love that there’s always something new to notice!!


What an awesome morning! You have very interesting photo angles, great eye.


We grabbed a Minnie Van to DS. Hit up WoD and Lego store. Grabbed my daughters and my mom some souvenirs. We had dinner at Terralina. Meh. I wasn’t all that impressed. Saw a few of the Christmas trees. I like the HM one!

Then headed back to crash the mess out. I felt like I had been run over by a train. Lol. DS somehow was amazingly energetic. HS in the morning!


Wow, that is a tough week to be in WDW. How nice of your mom to want you to make happy memories during this time.


I need this cookie rn plz