Wettest rides at UOR?

Which rides at USF and IOA get you wet enough that we should consider changing into swimsuits? I see the Dudley Falls and Popeye Barge rides are water rides. Are there any others?

The barges will soak you to the skin - every time. Dudley falls is wetter than Splash, but I’ve never gotten soaked on it. Jurassic Park has a splash down at the end, but again I’ve never gotten soaked. I can’t think of anything in US that has a heavy water element.

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We’ve been soaked on all 3 but Jurassic Park is certainly the driest. We always go in summer so we don’t bother changing, we soon dry out and I always tour in flip flops anyway.

I saw a website that rated them as follows: Jurassic Park = “splashed”, Dudley Do-Right = “wet”, Popeye and Bluto’s = “soaked”.

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