West and Wewaxation for 60 plus liners :)

seriously please review (if bored)
End of September - renting DVC Boulder Ridge points; 7 day hoppers
DH and I are very active 60 year olds (but hey we have earned some relaxation)
Day 1 - arrive MCO at 2:30; check in WL; wait for garden grocer delivery and then Raglan Road at 730
Day 2 - Epcot - rides and FAWF; back to WL; Hoop Dee Doo at 6:15
Day 3; MK; hotel; MNSSHP (but back to WL by 11:30 - I know a waste)
Day 4; HS; FAWF; Magic Kindgom HEA dessert party
Day 5; AK - mostly Avatar land; hotel; FAWF and illuminations at Epcot
Day 6 - MK; hotel; Disney Springs Boat House
Day 7 - AK for Tusker house ROL Lunch and all headliners plus FoP and ROL
Day 8 - check out; boat to contemporary for Cali Grill brunch; Uber back to WL to Magical distress


I thought this was an invitation for a minimum of 60 liner friends to join you :wink:

It all looks doable to me, but I’m drawing a blank on FAWF. I’m sure it’s completely obvious!


Food And Wine Festival

Took me a few minutes :wink:

This looks great!

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Of course!

Day 4 looks pretty busy then with 3 parks and no rest.

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yea, will need some afternoon caffeine on day 4, but epcot will just be ws and doing the food and wine festival and mk will just be HEA. thanks for looking

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Day 4 still sounds kinda busy to me. Maybe remove F&W since you have it on day 5 too? Or ignore me… I’m not a foodie so escargots on croissants do not entice me. Moving from park to park takes time and energy though so you may want to cut back!

Not a fan of :snail: on :baguette_bread:

no. I don’t do escargot either. I think you are right as the 3 park day is the day after mnsshp. that could be cray cray