We're going to McDonald’s! Woohoo!

It’s no ordinary Maccy D’s. It even merits a DFB review:


What a great way to get your friends familiarized with the USA! There may be McDonald’s restaurants around the world, but they have different foods based on the region they are in, even within the USA.

I can’t believe I opened this thread.


Disney calls them Lumpia, but they sound like blintzes to me. @mousematt, is that better?

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An awful blinze :grimacing:

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You don’t like them? After @ryan1’s rave review, I was under the impression they were good!

Nope, I’ve had them and wouldn’t again; actually tried them a second time to give them another chance. But I also think Yak n’ Yeti sux too. Bland food is disappointing. And no one makes blintzes like my auntie :kissing_heart:

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Isn’t Sanaa open for breakfast?

Me too! I’m on a road trip taking DD20 back to her college and I had these for breakfast just this morning! Nothing says road trip more than McDonald’s for breakfast.



Ummm, yes it is. It is the only place to get breakfast for anyone staying at Kidani and Jambo.

What makes you think it isn’t open?

Now granted, they cut their menu. Not sure if they do the actual plates of hot food or if it’s all grab and go items. But you can still sit in and watch the animals from the windows - if you can get a seat.

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This did:


But now I see there is this, too:

Has that always been a thing? Why has nobody told me?


Yep, has been for some time. Certainly was at Christmas 2016. :grin:

Here’s the page from the Kidani resort page:


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I’ve been a paying member of this useless website for nearly four (gosh!) years and no-one has ever mentioned this before. Unacceptable.

Who do I contact about a refund and compensation?


Did you ever actually ask? :wink:

I’ve mentioned it several times to people asking about Kidani. Clearly you were ignoring me.


Same, it’s the best!

Sanaa is a QS for breakfast. That is why it doesn’t show when you look at the TS times?

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Oh I see! So it’s my fault! It is somehow my responsibility to know things or ask about them?

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Well if you want to know something, then … yes.

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Let me draw your attention to this page of TP:


you’ll notice Sanaa listed twice, for table service and quick service.

And if you click on quick service you’ll see this, clear as day. :grin: