We're going to McDonald’s! Woohoo!

With only 214 days left to go, I’m at that frantic, last-minute planning stage of my upcoming trip.

I have to say that I’m nailing the planning so far. I’ve done an outstanding job.

Except breakfast on my AK day. It’s simply not possible. Oh, you think you can do it? OK. I’ll wait. Go on. Try it. I dare you.

You couldn’t, could you?

You started with TH, didn’t you? Obvious choice for a trip like mine with newbies. Not open. What’s that? Boma? Great choice. Gives us an excuse to visit AKL and its marvellous lobby and access to the private savannah. Except it’s not open. Satu’li? Nah. They cut their breakfast offering a long time ago. Rainforest Café? Nope. They’re not offering breakfast.

It can’t be done. I told you. Why don’t you listen?

So we’re going to McDonald’s for breakfast that morning. It’s on the way from CSR to AK. It’s brand new and a little bit exciting. Especially to my friends who want to experience the “real” America.

We’re going to IHOP on our way to UOR. I mean, why not?



Can’t beat a sausage and egg McMuffin!! :yum:

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This was a no brainier.

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Rookie. You don’t waste a picturesque (or fop-scramble) AK morning at “breakfast.” You have an early lunch at Yak and Yeti.

Good lord, I’ve lost the last remnant of respect for you. “Breakfast on AK day” some people, I swear. :smile: (Though, in fairness, the minute Boma reopens, you forget everything above and go there…for the late breakfast)


I like the McGriddle sausage, egg, and cheese myself :wink:

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By which I assume you mean that only someone who has had a lobotomy would choose it.

If you’re going to eat crap, you may as well eat it somewhere that has decades of experience serving it.

Also: air-conditioning.


The Lumpia was absolutely delicious. We went back for it a second time.


They’re going to have to change the name if they want people of discernment to buy it.

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They didn’t name it. It is the name of what it is.

it’s a taste thing… I was NOT impressed w/ breakfast there at all… actually very disappointed.

this sums it up :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Is the Kusafiri pastry and coffee place open? That is our go to breakfast in AK. Giant Mickey cinnamon rolls, other pastries, in the past they’ve had more savory sandwich stuff too.

(Yes I was too lazy to check if they are actually open and their current menu).

It’s like we were meant to go there. I mean, it’s literally on the way.


That doesn’t make it appetising.

Shrug. It was amazing. Don’t care what you call it.


Izzat the place right next to Flametree?

OK. So I’ll try it as a snack.

Yeah. That’s actually how we had it…but it was on the breakfast menu. That evening, I went back to AK by myself to get it again and brought it back to BW for my wife. (Admittedly it wasn’t as good as when it was eaten fresh, but was still good.)

No, it’s just past Tusker House on the way to safari on the left side as you head to safaris

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But we did have awesome apple cider donut holes at the little stand next to Flame Tree back in the fall of 2018…

Frankly, Mousematt, I commend you for being realistic about the whole time/value issue, and choosing wisely. My guess would be that whatever Mickey D’s you will hit, will probably be packed full of value seekers. I also wonder what the CrackDonalds near WDW prices are like. They could get away with highway robbery, I bet.

There’s no shame in your game, Mousematt. I happen to like a snausage egg mcmuffin once in a while, AND, I secretly kinda LOVE their pancakes.

Also, I’m not sure if you or the rest of your party is familiar with American “cheese.” If you’ve never had it, you might love it, you might not, though. It can be weird to foreigners - like Root Beer - I’m just not sure if you’ve had it in the U.K., or when you’ve come to the U.S. It’s generally the default “cheese” at McD’s. Don’t roast me, I’ve never been to the U.K., you fancy folks might have American Cheese all over the place.

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