We're going to Hoop Dee Doo! Woohoo!

I got a MouseDining alert this morning, and I was so excited I didn’t even notice it was category 1 until after I’d booked it. We’re a party of 8: Me, DH, 5 kids under the age of 10, and my mom. So the late show (which has lots of availability) is not an option.

I haven’t told my family. They will not understand. You all understand why I’m partying inside, right?


I think you got some off-brand dinner show tickets. The one at WDW is the Hoop Dee Doo Revue. Although Hoop Dee Doo Woohoo sounds like it could be maybe fun too.

Congratulations! :blush::blush:

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We did the 4pm HDDR with DS7 and DS8 and had a blast. Food was tasty too, though we didn’t even manage to order a second serving of anything to make the most of the “all you care to enjoy” :blush:

Not quite sure why they make such a fuss about the “shortcake” that is t even made with shortcake though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My kids love that show! Category 1 is the way to go! Our table was front row against the stage to the left. It was awesome! We loved our server Virginia as well!!! Enjoy!

I have no strategy for HDDR, because I wasn’t really expecting to get it. How early do we need to show up? Do they start serving dinner right way? Where do we park?


We love HDDR! I can’t wait until my boys are old enough to go. I still remember my first time.

Parking - you have to park at the front of Fort Wilderness and take a bus. It is not as bad as some people make it seem. There are lots of buses and I am pretty sure all of them go to the Settlement (where dinner is).

I think that the tickets say to get there an hour early, but you don’t have to get there super early. The tables are assigned ahead of time and they do pretty much start serving right away. Ask for two drinks up front if you would like because the waitstaff don’t come around super often since the show is going on.