We're going back! And I have sooo many questions

It’s only been about 6 months since our last trip, but I convinced hubby that we should go back, over spring break, 2020. This is the closest we’ve ever had two trips. Just when I think he’s getting the Disney bug, he says something like “But why should we go back already? Haven’t we done everything?” Oh, my sweet summer child. We’ve had short visits in the past - 4ish days in the parks. So, we do rides, but that’s it.

First question for you all. I think I’d like to highlight some of the non-ride stuff this time. Mid-march will be BUSY, so I don’t expect we’ll get to do as much as we usually do in a day. What distractions do you love? What will entertain a 7 and 12 year old?

Second, we’ve always done DVC rentals at 11 months out. I feel like I’m behind because we’re almost at the 7 month mark. I need some hotel advice. My dream would be a few days at Poly and a few days at Beach Club, but I suspect both are going to be sold out of studio rooms. So, what is it like at Swan/Dolphin? Is that a decent substitute for Beach Club? Are Boardwalk rooms getting refurbished? (beds were uncomfortable in December). What do folks think about POP and Caribbean Beach? What kind of DVC rooms ARE available at 7 months? I need to email my rental lady and see if she even has points to rent to us.

Third, hubby says he prizes convenience over cost. (That is shocking to me!) I know there have been lots of before/after events. I haven’t heard any yet for 2020. Any rumors that I’ve missed? Are they always on certain days that I should plan HS for a… Monday… say, to make that a possibility? Are there any tours that DD7 could go on, and enjoy?

Fourth, if we do a split stay, I’ve seen folks talk about sharing/stretching the dining plan. Can someone explain again how that works?

I’m so SO glad to have these forums to talk all of this through. You guys rock!

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So if you are considering Swolfin, I would choose the Swan - prettier and smaller. Maybe not a whole family activity, but my DH loves their golf courses. My extended family had a really fun evening bowling at Splitsville. You could definitely spend some resort time visiting Fort Wilderness and AKL.

Here’s how the Dining Plan works:

For convenience I would lean towards a monorail or skyliner resort.

For a non ride activities, I can’t stress how great the various tours are.

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