Well...vacation plans change

That looks nifty. I guess we would be able to cancel, and we would know for certain several months ahead if anyone was coming with us. Although, that house is the price of a value hotel.

Nice job finding that rental! I was looking at that same one for a longer 3 month trip I had wanted to do. Great price for the size and I love that it isn’t trying to squeeze 18 more beds just to up their occupancy count. Nothing like stubbing your toe in the middle of the night on the 5th bunkbed in a house rented by only 3 people. “but it’s a 3 bedroom that can sleep 36!!!” pfft. Sorry. Tangent.

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That is so exciting! I love the Star Wars house. And this thread got me going on VRBO to find a beach vacation rental, thanks!

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I need to hire their interior decorator for my house. I particularly liked this gem (blasphemy aside). :joy::joy::joy:


Also, this shower curtain. * chef’s kiss *

What’s up with all the pool canopies? Are they to keep bugs out? Leaves? Gators? Is it for shade? Looks like screens, not glass, right?


They are screened pool enclosures. It keeps mosquitoes away. No place sprays like Disney does. Lol


Very common down there. In SoCal we used tiki torches or zappers, but the lanai’s are very popular in FL. Like @ppehapsaid, no one else in the state sprays like Disney does. Also, those lanai’s won’t keep out a gator if he thinks your pool would be nice to cool off in ; ) They can’t even keep drunk Floridian’s IN half the time either! I’ve seen more than a few that needed a section replaced after a party. :laughing::laughing:


Only problem is that Kenobi is supposed to be Jesus. Always. (Even though Anakin is the Dark Lord and Savior.)

And I so loved that shower curtain when I looked at this that I went looking for it. You can order it off Target!


I was expecting that to be $250-$300, not $134!

I think the reason is the complex. It doesn’t have a giant shared pool with waterslides like Windsor Hills. Of course, if you wouldn’t be using a giant shared pool, then this is a much better deal.

Another couple, some very good friends of ours are coming with us. Yeah! So, now I am house-hunting. I just sent an email to the Jabba The House guy.

Yeah. If you are patient enough with your searching on VRBO, you can find some really great deals on some awesome houses. As @shawthorne44 indicated, you can decide on trade-offs. If you want a house that has access to a resort “water park” you can find those, but you’ll typically pay more. You can find houses at the other end of the spectrum that have private pools but are decorated really dated…like you are renting your great-grandmother’s home. For example, I saw one like that which would meet all our criteria if we didn’t mind the overall look that would have been $700 for 6 nights, including tax.

One thing to watch out for, however, is pool heat. You generally have to pay about $25/night on average if you want pool heated…which you probably would want other than during summer months. So that does add a bit.