Well? Do you?

I prefer savory over sweet also most of the time. For some reason, sweet, carb heavy breakfasts always leave me feeling shaky and weird by lunchtime, but if I eat eggs and meat, I don’t even need to eat lunch.
(And I’m not diabetic, I see an endocrinologist every 3 months for my Hashimotos and my sugar levels and A1c are checked then.)


No, not too much sugar to start the day. But I’m wondering where the coffee is?


That would never pass for a “vacation” breakfast for us. It would easily be something to share AFTER a real balanced breakfast though.

We’ve literally played “spot the sugar crash kids” while on vacation. When you see a youngling eating a giant sugar laden treat, and you run into them again in an hour or two yelling and crying? We like to call it out when we see them with the treat earlier in the day and make a mental note. I have a sweet tooth, most kids have a sweet tooth, it’s just part of life. I always let my kids know that yes, we’ll be having treats, and plenty of treats, too. BUT, we will not be setting ourselves up for sugar crashes, because they really are no fun for anyone. Our normal m.o. is to buy plenty of treats and share (unless it’s a DW Float - I do NOT share.)

So, if those two kids are eating that donut to start the day as “breakfast” and two hours later they are crashing hard? That’s not the kids’ fault.

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Not all kids sugar crash though.

My youngest has serious food restrictions as part of his autism. It’s a little better now due to intensive therapy, but for a time literally all he ate was pop tarts, cheeze it’s, applesauce and uncrustables. Even his doctor said that eating crap is better than eating nothing. He did not sugar crash. And today, he eats more things, and it’s a constant work in progress.

I gotta say, this comment rubbed me the wrong way a little. It seems unnecessarily judgy. I’d hate to think what other guests in the park have thought or said about my kids eating. You * never * know the backstory.


My kids are exTREMEly picky so if I saw them eating that size donut and they actually finished it, I would be pleasantly surprised. Personally I have a major sweet tooth, but I try not to overdo it. A donut or two is fine. The Voodoo donuts or Crazy Shakes where they are essentially combining two desserts into one are a bit much for me.


Quite frankly, by the time this west-coaster is hungry for breakfast at WDW … it’s lunch time!



It’s in CA, too! We west coasters can make it breakfast.


I always tell my kids, “Food does not know what time of day it is.”

My family can eat whatever they want, whenever they want on vacation.
But that donut would take DH, DD22, DD20, and I to finish in one sitting with coffee and/or tea!


YES! I have to force myself up early to try to catch the last reservation for Chef Mickeys before they switch over to lunch!

And finding anything in the parks? Forgetabout it.

I’ll keep to my breakfast at Flo’s :wink:

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My friend and I did that at Kona Cafe in October. We got the 10:55 AM last breakfast ressie on our last day. It was worth it for that Tonga Toast!

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There’s no such thing as too much sugar on vacation! DD6 crushed 3/4 of one of those just last month!


This is us too. Life’s too short to be that strict on vacation! (special and extenuating circumstances notwithstanding)

He get’s enough “No’s” from me at home. Vacation should be fun and about making memories.

And btw…I’m the only one that had a hard lesson at UOR. Mixing flaming moe’s, butterbeer and that ride with the straight drop at the entrance after being in enclosed in boxes that shake you around all day…no bueno!


Iirc, my DH was happily noshing that exact doughnut while my special mixture was making a second appearance.



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