Well deserved thank you to everyone

So the only reason I stumbled upon this site is because I was looking for historical crowd information for Disney world. I saw you had to pay and subscribe to the website to see it. I really wanted to know so I could compare my last trip to my upcoming trip. So I bit the bullet and subscribed. From then I learned about touring plans and spent HOURS working on those. Then I had a question I wanted an answer to, the website told me to check the forums…from that moment I have been hooked you guys! I have learned sooooo much information that I didn’t even know could help me. It’s been unbelievable what you guys have taught me. And to top it all off, you people are so incredibly kind and generous. I am constantly seeing you help one another out. It’s just all been amazing and I thought I would send a huge THANK YOU to everyone. I am so excited to go on my trip full of the knowledge I have gotten here :hugs:


Amen to that. very nice and helpful folks


Such a nice post! It sounds like you are a great planner!


This site and the people are it are seriously the best! Happy planning! :heart:


And there is always more to discover. :slight_smile:

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Will this be your first trip?
If so, suggestion:
One of the things I wish I had known for my first trip was to KEEP refreshing constantly when looking for same day FP’s, and for modifying FP’s. On my first trip, I only checked a few times and then just continued on with my plan (had an awesome time, and got most everything we wanted to done,) but on our 2nd trip, we blazed through fastpasses, even “hard to get” ones. We almost started getting cocky at one point.

Hope you have a blast!

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