Welcome to WDW for a 2yo's first trip

My family w/ 2 yo niece in tow, will be arriving at MCO around 12:45. They won’t be able to check-in until 4 @ our AirBNB. So I’m putting together a little list of possible activities for them to enjoy. I’m the planner. So options must be provided :slight_smile:

Option 1
I love the idea of them catching the Princess Promenade at the Grand Floridian at 3:30. DN wants to see Cinderella, and seeing her at the Grand Floridian I think would be a lovely experience (and would also take something of the list of our only 1 day at MK as she does not know who Elena is).

Could they park at Grand Floridian for a quick service lunch/snack and the princess promenade?

Option 2
Tri-Circle-D Ranch looks fun too with seeing Cinderella’s horses and doing a pony ride, perhaps. I know that FW has parking at the outpost and transportation throughout. Wondering if anyone has done a visit to Tri-Circle-D Ranch.

Other suggestions? We’ll be going in January, MLK weekend, if that is a factor.

I would probably opt for Option 1. I think lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe or at the QS would be great, followed by Princess Promenade. What a lovely way to start a vacation!

I wonder about Tri Circle D being impacted by closure for initial construction at the newly announced DVC property. I know MIckey’s Backyard BBQ is supposed to be closing to accommodate it, and that is right nearby. And weather is a little bit unpredictable temperature-wise in January.


I was going to vote option 1 because it just sounded more magical but @OBNurseNH gives very knowledgeable hard facts for why to not choose option 2!

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So they are landing at 2:45? I would think that you would actually be arriving at the AirBnB right around 4. Definitely not to say that these aren’t fun activities but I feel like you would be rushing and unlikely to get to the GF for 3:30.

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Typo 12:45…fixed

Option 1. There should be no problem parking if they explain they are going for lunch.

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So weird. I read it as 12:45 LOL

I’m psychopathic.

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And before it was corrected I read the time and had a thought of “that’s cutting it close” but then read your post and thought if @OBNurseNH isn’t questioning the time allotment then it must be ok!

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