Welcome Show inside park

Haven’t been since 2015. When we last went we did a BOG breakfast only because we wanted to take pictures on Main Street before it became too crowded. Now that the welcome show has moved inside the park, can we still take pictures before the official park opening? Are lines for pictures crazy long? What time do they let you onto Main Street? Traveling with 3 kids 7,5,2 and really want to not be running down Main Street and miss the magic.

I was really surprised during our last trip over Thanksgiving that we were held at the front of the park until about 15 minutes until opening. I had understood that they let people wander throughout main street and in the hub until the welcome show began. This was not the case for us and we were crammed in like sardines waiting to go under the train station. I am not sure when this changed or if we were unlucky and they decided to hold everyone that day. Regardless, we didn’t get inside much earlier than we did when the welcome show was at the train station.

Was this an 8am opening? If so I think that’s what happens, it’s when the park opens at 9 am that everyone is allowed in early.

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I do believe it was an 8:00am opening. I didn’t know they had different opening routines depending on the opening time. Good to know!