Weird predicted wait time

I was going in and playing with my plans for November 3 and tried putting MMRR first and when I hit evaluate it said it would be 135 minute wait. When I look on the day it shows 135 minute wait for the first two hours and then drops to something reasonable for the rest of the day. Anyone have an idea what is going on here?

Everything looks normal through October, but in November forward it looks like it has this weird spike at the beginning of the day

Are you starting your plan two hours before the park opens?

I went and checked and I wasn’t, but I realized that there was a button to click to say that I would use the Early Park entry. When I clicked that the wait time dropped to 66 minutes, so it probably has something to do with that.

Here is what I was seeing when I looked at the wait times though:

Are you staying onsite and is there a box to say you will be there for EMH?

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Yes, when I click that it dropped the expected wait from 135 to 66. I am just surprised it spikes up so much at the beginning of the day

Len said if you did not have early entry there would be large lines. Can you start your plan at 8:15?

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Interesting. I had the start time as 8:30 and it said my wait would be 66 minutes. I moved the start to 8:15 and it says my wait will be 72 minutes

Can you share a link to your plan here?

Generally if a plan is giving you a weird time at the beginning it is assuming you are at the back of the pack. You can start your plan with a break until 9 and start with your second attraction. Sometimes that is a good work around.

Or there might be an issue because of the ; park early entry? (With the software)

Here is a link to my plan for that day for now:

In looking at some of the other attractions in HS that day, looks like maybe they are thinking that MMRR won’t open during the early morning hour (or whatever it is called). It looks like MFSR has wait times that start at 8:30, but MMRR has a big wait time started at 9. So maybe the thought is that the line builds really big at MMRR before opening. Very interesting

Official park hours haven’t been posted for those dates yet. It could be that Touring Plans is defaulting for now to a 10:00 opening time. Although, if you create a plan for that day, it says 9:00. But the 66 minute wait time makes more sense if it thinks you are waiting until 9:30 for the ride to open.