Weird or normal for TA

Tried to transfer room only reservation to a TA to give her commission. I know it isn’t much but thought I could at least give commission to someone. Told her I do all of my own dining and FP, so she wouldn’t need to do anything for me. She said she couldn’t transfer room only reservations. True or untrue???

I’m not sure, but interested in the answer also because we keep discussing changing our resort. We booked with a TA.

Maybe they only get commission on packages?

That’s what I was thinking, but was curious if that was how most TAs are set up or if it is the exception.

I always transfer my room only reservations to my TA - and she thanks me for doing so. I do my own FP, Dining, even DME reservation, I just do it to thank her for all the other times where she books me their deals (she’s MVT). I always assumed she got something by me doing so.

Exactly @FindMeAFishingSpot! That is what I was trying to do. Easy money with little effort for her. Oh well, her loss.

Normally a room only reservation can be transferred, but it does have some limitations. It has to be within the first 30 days of booking and the final payment can not have been made or at least this is what my agency does. As long as it fits those parameters it should be fine. I’ve had plenty of room only reservations transferred to me that fits those requirements.

Thanks @PhotoFGIT I just made reservation 2 weeks ago, so within 30 days. I think she just didnt want to bother with a low commission.

Well that’s a bit of a bummer :frowning:

That’s very possible. For example, for the sake of illustration, let’s say that her usual income per hour of work she does normally works out to $30, and that she’s busy enough that she generally makes that consistently.

Then, let’s say that the amount of work it takes to transfer the reservation in order to earn the commission earns her $20, but it takes a total of an hour of work.

In such a case, your attempt to be nice would actually COST her $10. It doesn’t downplay your niceness, but I wouldn’t fault her if she refuses in such a scenario.

Thanks for the reminder to give more grace. I think what bothered me the most is she said “I don’t think I can transfer a room only reservation” which is totally different from saying they don’t transfer room only. I am going to clear my mind of it now. :relaxed:

Well, I figure she was just trying to be tactful. I mean, it sounds better to say that than to say, “Thanks, but no thanks. I can make more money without you!” :slight_smile:

She probably didn’t expect you to actually verify her statement was actually correct!