Weird new forum bug on mobile

Did it eat your baby


I snorted. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Maybe Norton finds logging dingo to be hazardous? I hear they can be rabid. :slight_smile:

Anyway, does Norton tell you anything about why the page is unsafe, maybe if you click on the unsafe message at the top? If there’s something we can do to placate Norton, I’d like to avoid having that scary warning displayed.


This is what comes up:

Full report

It only pops up at bottom of the page (latest posts). If I search and open the thread from first post, it does not warn me.


I Think I found a sure fire way to trigger the auto scroll issue. At least on mobile.

Go to a thread and read down to the last post. Then. When done, leave the browser. (I suggest picking a thread that gets frequent posts.)

After waiting enough time that you know several new posts have likely been made in that same tread, go back to your mobile browser. When it opens back to that same thread, t initially starts at the last post you read…but then as it starts to load the new posts, it begins to auto scroll until it finishes loading all the new posts.

I is almost like the software has some kind of internal flag to know you are at the “last” post. When the page loads, it wants to take you to the “last” post…which changes each time it loads more of the thread, so scrolls down to the “last” loaded post again, where it continues to load more, so scrolls you. Again, to the last post.

If I am right, the forum software needs to NOT store indication of your last position having been the last post…instead it needs to store what the last post number you read was, so that when it loads more, it doesn’t change your current position.


It does note your last read post by the time you spend reading each post? (The blue dot that disappears as you read.)

Since the software is seeing you as active in that thread and reading those posts it is marking them as read?

Wouldn’t the solution be in your hands: leaving the forum on your latest list (or however you sort the threads). Then when you return you would see an unread count?

I realized on a phone my “blue dot” might not make sense to everyone. I went to a new thread that posted overnight for me:

Next to the post time there is a blue dot. As the topic is opened and read, it disappears. As you read reach post, it disappears. It marks the posts as read, based on time on each post (there was a glitch a long time ago that had that time extended).

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I think you are on the right track. I can replicate it on longer posts by scrolling until it thinks that I’m at the end but before the forum loads more posts. Once I see the bottom, but I’m not at the end of the thread, I know it will start autoscrolling to the actual end. So in this regard, it does seem to mark you at the end rather than a particular post when you hit the bottom of the page.

When the auto scroll issue happens, every post that it scrolls past end up being “read” automatically (no blue dot shows up after that). Presumably because by the time it gets to the bottom, after about 2 seconds, it thinks you read that post…as well as every post above it!

Yep. In fact, I ran a couple tests to confirm my scenario at least. I waited until I knew there were new posts and then opened up the browser on my phone again. Sure enough, the issue presented itself immediately.

What is interesting is that it is easier to reproduce on my phone, for example, versus my tablet or PC. I have to think it has to do with how much is currently shown on the screen. With less real estate on the phone’s screen, you are more likely to be at the bottom of the thread to the point where it triggers the problem.

For example, I left my Tablet on the Memes thread at the last post (at the time), and went back to it this morning, knowing there are plenty of new posts. When I opened Chrome, the issue did NOT happen…but I noticed how much extra space there was on the screen compared to my phone.

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