Weird FP error? 4 FPs

Last night, around 12:20, for Magic Kingdom, for June 28 (60+2), availability for many times suddenly went to “All FastPass+ times for this theme park have been distributed for the selected date. Please choose a different day or use standby entrances.” Can’t make any changes. Note that there are plenty of times left for June 26 in MK. Also, weirdly, I have 4 FPs. I was moving times around slightly, and ended up with:

Peter Pan 9:05
Haunted Mansion 10:05
Flying Carpets 11:05
Flying Carpets 11:10

Any thoughts? You think it’s stuck “full” and I won’t be able to modify any further? This is close to exactly what I want, and wondering if we’ll be able to go through FC two times, so I probably won’t move around to see if we actually get 4 bc of weird glitch. Just wondering. HMMMMmm.

That’s very strange! Must be some kind of crazy glitch?

It’s not that some of your party on one Flying Carpets FP, and the rest are on the other?

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[quote=“Banjoman, post:3, topic:23121, full:true”]
It’s not that some of your party on one Flying Carpets FP, and the rest are on the other?[/quote]

That was my first thought, too. When traveling with other MDE friends, I see their FPP, too, and if we don’t have the same times/attractions it’s not always easy to see at first glance who those FPP belong to, even when I know they’re not all for me.

Hmm, that is strange. I can’t book our FP yet but the other day when I had our resort res modified to add free dining, in MDE it showed "multiple accommodations’ and said (2 rooms) by our single reservation for about 24 hours, then it worked itself out.

Nope, all 3 of us included, for both times. And it’s been sitting that way for a day or two now. And no FPs available all day, at all, in park. Maybe lots of people booking in the twenty minutes after midnight accidentally got a 4th and it meant no more available? I’ll just not touch it, and maybe my DD5 gets to go on Flying Carpets 2x no wait? Means I can’t risk tweaking these plans. But we have another day when we were going to hit MK in eve, so if Rapnuzel or MSEP becomes available, I can rearrange on that day. Weird.

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That is really weird. Did you try calling Disney?