Weekly Preview Mail Bag Questions

Hi, my name is Joe and I write the Touring Plans’ Blog weekly preview series on Universal Orlando!

I’m looking for more questions for the Mail Bag segment. The questions should be about planning, staying at, and touring the resort. I cannot comment or talk about rumors.

Post your questions below and they will be featured in the article!

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I’m curious to know if we have any idea when they will be closing the kids section to begin construction on the new Nintendo area. I’m hoping that in August we will be able to have one last run on the Woody Woodpecker coaster.

Has there been any updates/news on what the new Harry Potter family coaster will be, and when it plans to open?

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We don’t know.

No new information, it’ll open 2019

Y’all, I can’t comment or confirm any rumors or speculation. To clarify Mail Bag is for touring questions.

Whoops! Sorry!

Where do you publish this? Did you answer the questions posted on chat? I don’t want to ask the same questions if you already answered them.

Oh! I found it! Great info! I found an answer! https://blog.touringplans.com/2018/01/18/universal-orlando-preview-week-january-20-2018/


  1. Can you generally wait until you get to the park to decide if you will purchase an express pass? Is there ever a danger they will be “sold-out”.

  2. When do preferred seating and cabanas go on sale for Volcano Bay? Is it generally always the first of the month?


Hey y’all, quick bump of the thread.

A friend who’s taking her family next year asked me this question: Does UOR do character dining like Disney? When, where, cost, how far in advance to book, and other information would be helpful. In all my years going there, I never thought to find out because I never had younger kids with me.

Also, how does rider swap work there compared to Disney?

Thanks! I’ll be including this in the next weekly preview this friday.

@josephmatt, did Universal reduce the benefits of a two park AP? This question is coming from another thread lookingvat the Universal sure. It appears that restaurant and merchandise discounts are available on the two park renewal but only on three park new APs.

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What is the best way to see both Universal parks in one day?

Are there character meet and greets? How do we find out who, when and where?

Hey everyone, bumping this up again for more mail bag questions to feature on the blog posts.

@josephmatt, I am planning a “girls trip” for December. Question #1- what are “not to be missed” holiday activities? Question #2- it is my 28 year old niece’s first Universal Trip. We are looking for ideas on Citywalk with her.


Ooooh, I like this one! I would also add “how easy will it be for me to connect with @PrincipalTinker this time around?” :rofl:

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Thanks! I needed that today!

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