Week or two on short notice, low effort

Have had an annual pass for 15 years, and have buying Unofficial Guides, using Touring Plans for a while. So I know what a difficult and perhaps silly question this is, BUT:

I’d like to take spouse and get out of New England for a week or two. I like staying on or near property for access to golf as well as parks. I’m thinking of going to Orlando/Disney rather than Naples to relax. Use FP, go to Disney magic, but relax, rent bikes, shoot pictures, hit the spa too. Am I nuts to think about staying on property.

I’m not feeling especially energizing when it comes to planning. Is there someone I can call at short notice to assist with reservations. I’m looking for both high end, and deal pricing. Or do I just call Disney and try to book a concierge room? Can one do discount luxury?

The Waldorf is pretty nice, but I think one may lose on property benefits?

I would contact a MVT agent brandi@magicalvacationstravel.com is one of them, and ask if they have any concierge agency exclusive rooms.

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Thanks for the suggestion, especially to a vaguely phrased question.

Another question: at slower times of the year (if they exist any more) are additional discounts available for those looking for longer stays? I am not invested in DVC.

I agree that there may no longer be slower times if the year, although September may be close. I know there are some very good discounts but I do not know of any connected to linger stays.