Week of President's Day

We are planning on a trip for President’s Day Week 2019…looking at the crowd calendars, it’s saying that Magic Kingdom is a 10 all week long. Do you guys think this makes sense? We figured based on the history, that we could plan our days and get mostly 8s, and maybe get lucky with a 7, between when the President’s Day Weekend crowds leave, and before the Princess Half Marathon crowds arrive. We may look at moving our trip to the last week of June if this holds true. Would that be better for avoiding crowds, or would we expect the same?

I suspect that week is when many schools have mid-winter break, so crowds would be much higher.

It may be a little busier than usual since Easter week is April vacation for many of us. I don’t care- I will be there with a good plan!

that is school vacation week - so those are probably accurate predictions

I don’t know if it makes sense, but I don’t doubt the accuracy. I’d definitely plan for 10 and be grateful if it turns out to be less. If Mardi Gras overlaps any part of that week I’d crank it up to 11.

Luckily Mardi Gras is March.