Week Before Thanksgiving

Hello All! Just wondering. What is the thought for the week before Thanksgiving. It “Normally” was a slow time to head to Disneyworld. Are you thinking it still is? I saw someone post something about which park for which day from Touring Plans, and I can’t find it? Everything I can find shows it is a 1 or 2… Any help would be much appreciated.

It will definitely not feel like a “slow time” like in the past. Weekdays might be bearable, weekends can be frustrating.

Some attractions, shows, restaurants, etc. are not open. This would normally help to spread out the crowds, making it feel not too busy.

Wait times are not that short, especially for the popular rides. Between no FP+, periodical cleaning, and some limits on ride capacity, definitely a change to get use to.

And with shorter hours, people tend to stay all day, limiting those who would normally take a break mid-day.

I think families are more willing to take their kids away from the current “school” because there is still a lot of learning from at home.

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Thanks! I have been watching Touring Plans wait times and just wondering how much it will increase. I definitely agree with you that more people are willing to take their kids out of school.

I sure hope wait times stay about what they are currently but from the sounds of it that will not be the case.

No problem and welcome to the forums! It’s really hard to say what the future will bring, keep your eye on the historical crowds and wait times. This is real data. Another thing, I think TP should consider changing their metrics to determine crowd levels. It just seems a little deceiving and It’s just not apples to apples anymore, mainly because of no FP+. I do realize the wait times were always determined by the standby wait time, but this is just not what we’ve come to expect.

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This has very good info for you as well:

We just got back from being there last week and I was really surprised at how many big groups and how many kids were there. This is usually a slow time but way more kids than I remember seeing in the past

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Sorry I was MIA!! Thank you for getting back to me. I agree they need to change their Metrics. Last night I got the dreaded email from them saying that the crowds have increased on most days. My family only goes every couple years and I am super concerned now. We don’t mind some crowds it is not having fastpasses and RoTR availability. Its a lot of money to spend when you do not go yearly to miss out on certain things.

You’re quite welcome!

I go week before thanksgiving, every year. Its always moderately full- never “slow”. I’m worried about no FPP. I wish they’d at least bring it back in a max pass format or something. My friend went in early september and it was really nice and not so crowded. She just got back from another trip last night and said it was a crazy difference in just one month. I’m guessing since they upped the capacity to 50%. They have to do something about the lines for rides soon.


looking like they are changing times again. Maybe it will help a little. I am worried about no fastpasses too. I am really worried about the RoTR and now they changed it so people are able to “practice”… that even sounds worse. I wonder why they didn’t change the Hollywood Studio hours.

How was the weather since you go yearly? I know it can change but what was last year like?

Really it’s 50%. Hmmm makes me reconsider going.

It’s HOT here right now. It was in the 90s today

Where did you see this? I hadn’t heard and a google search nets nothing.

My friend (who knows people in upper Disney circles) has said that WDW increased their capacity to 50 percent weeks ago (I think after Labor Day) and are working towards 75 percent right now. It’s only going to get more crowded as we get towards the end of 2020. They have been able to do it and successfully keep people spaced and in masks, but I am guessing the ride lines are going to get even longer, very soon.

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Bah yuk yuk yuk

I can’t blame them at all, especially with DL closed. They need as much income as possible right now. It sucks for those of us who want to go and not wait in line though. I’d still rather be there in line than at home staring at these same 4 walls. :rofl:


I’ve named my trip, “Everything’s Been Canceled, So Let’s Go to Disney World!” It will be a short trip, but at least I can say we’ve done something this year.


I hope you have a great visit! I took my kids for a week back in late July/early August, and the few people I told in real life could not believe it. Thought we were nuts. We had a great time (it was back during the everything is mostly walk in and the parks were empty), and I am so glad we went. I leave Tuesday for another trip, though the kids are staying home as they have school.


We’re going to Kona for breakfast tomorrow morning. No park cuz we avoid weekends there. But we will explore the resort and walk around a bit.

DS and I were in MK two weeks ago. Wait times were too long.

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Hope you have a great trip!

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